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Should I use a Tariff Code when sending items overseas?

(Christine Shephard) #1

I’ve been merrily sending goods overseas and completing the customs forms without any problems for a few years now, but was wondering whether I should be adding a tariff code to the form? I always tick the ‘other’ box and complete the details of what the goods are, but have never really bothered with the tariff codes - does anybody here use them, or are they only for larger exporters?

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Christine @ciesse - I use the tariff codes and always have done.
I have no idea if it helps stuff get through Customs quicker or not but I have never had any problems with items.

I think we are supposed to use them if selling as a business. I think they are to enable Customs in different countries to be able to tell quickly what is in the parcel and also for statistics ie what is being exported and where to.

But I’m not really sure, I just err on the side of caution and use them.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #3

Thanks Shirley - I will start adding them I think, although I’m struggling to find the most appropriate ones for some of my items!

(Shirley Woosey) #4

Christine @ciesse I use this code for all my items, which from what I can see covers all made-up handmade textile articles

630790 UK

I think that most of your things will fall into this category.

Nothing has ever been queried and I put a brief description on the CN22 as well.
I usually just put Fabric Bag I never mention the word kindle, ipad, etc because they might think there was a device in the parcel.
I think that maybe your covered notebooks might be different and the lavender sachets.

Shirley x

(Christine Shephard) #5

Oh, thank you for that, Shirley. I know my silk scarves have their own code, and the lavender sachets too (not permitted to some countries, I know). The notebooks I’m still searching for a code for, and I never put ‘notebook’ on the form, as they all think it’s a device rather than a book! I’m not sure whether to class them as paper or textile - they’re a bit of both really.

(Wendy Derrick) #6

I was just wondering about this and found this thread. I’ve never put a code in either but only because I didn’t really know where to find the codes.

Do you use a specific list or website to find the best codes to use?


(Pauline Hayward) #7

I found this site, not sure if that’s any help.

(Wendy Derrick) #8

Thanks Pauline, that’s just what I need! :slight_smile:

(Astrid Weigel) #9

Never knew about this and by chance I was just about to post something abroad, so thank you - I now know what code to use.

(Deborah Jones) #10

I haven’t managed to find what would be the ideal code for my items so have stuck with other.
I hate writing what is in the packets as it seems like inviting trouble - my local post mistress advised me to write "trinkets " but that seems too evasive , and might attract more customs attention.
I would love to know what other silver jewellery sellers do .

(Hunny Crafts Primitives) #11

Shirley, You may find the correct code for your iPad cases is 42029298 other bags of textiles, I used to work in the Classification department in HMRC

(Hunny Crafts Primitives) #12

The link to the online Tariff The sections cover groups of chapters which in turn cover the various goods. No it’s not necessarily straight forward and easy I worked with the Tariff and classifyng goods for 22 years andwas still learning.

(Shirley Woosey) #13

Thanks Julie @HunnyCraftsPrimitives. Just had a look at the trade-tariff link you have given.

I’ve put the number you quoted into the Tariff Search and it does seem a better one than I have been using.
I thought that all the 42… section was just for leather goods, but it does go on to say textiles as well when you get right into it.
I will start using the code you said for my gadget covers but what code do you think would be best for my book covers?
Would the same code do as well?
Sorry to pick your brains but what about doll’s house miniature rugs and carpets? All textiles again but they are NOT toys, for collectors only.
It is so complicated for the lay-person!
Many thanks
Shirley x