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Show the amazing things you've made but not shown on-line

(Kelly) #21

Love it Roz @Rozcraftz! You did an amazing job! Now I want an handmade patchwork quilt! I have tons of pretty fabrics etc as I used to sew a lot but I haven’t bothered in forever! And I did read someone saying how they still buy fabric and can’t bare to cut it, I’m the same! I have some baskets of pretty fat quarters here to hand, don’t ask me why, there’s not a needle or thread in sight!! All of my sewing treasures are in the attic! Maybe one day.

I need to get a new topic on the go now! x

(Christina Green) #22

So lovely! The work in that…!

(Alison Mackenzie) #23

This is a wedding card my sister in law asked me to make for friends of hers who got married last weekend. Apologies for the dodgy photography, I just took a couple of quick snaps of the card and the matching box after I had finished.

(Pauline Hayward) #24

I only have this one in this colour & type of ribbon unfortunately, but I do have others which are slightly different to this.

(Christina Green) #25

Really lovely! Yes, I had to rush to take my photos of the heart pendant too, before I quickly got it to the post office - I’d taken a long time buffing and polishing and was running out of time!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #26

Really lovely things on this thread from super talented people.

(Pauline Hayward) #27

Here’s something else that I think is amazing which I’ve literally just finished.

(Alison Mackenzie) #28

Thanks Christine.
I bet your client’s new wife was chuffed to bits to receive the pendant, it’s gorgeous.

(Christina Green) #29

Thanks, Alison! The hours I spent buffing it…! I don’t know yet, they’re on their way right now! Hoping for the best :smile:

Scarily the commissioning process started with R. saying, I like these at Tiffany’s, could you…? I thought, “Tiffany’s!!! HELP!” Everything was so shiny, it’s so far from my own style. Oh my…! Once I’d finished hyperventilating I was able to start designing! Lol! :wink:

(Christina Green) #30

Great crafting, Eileen! :smiley:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #31

Then there’s my photo’s I make into coasters, painting on glass and china and glass engraving

(Roz) #32

So lovely to see things that are outside people’s usual craft/ style. Here’s another one from me, my daughters prom dress that I made last year - and it survived the prom!

(Kelly) #33

That’s really cute Roz @Rozcraftz! I bet you’re Daughter loved it! x :wink:

(Roz) #34

She had no choice after the hours I spent sewing in all the pleats on the bodice and then I had to hand sew over 300 gems and sequins on! Wouldn’t have been happy if she had refused to wear it!

(Christina Green) #35

So pretty!! Your daughter’s very lucky, she must have been the belle of the ball! :smiley:

(Kelly) #36

I don’t blame you Roz! x

(Amberlilly) #37

My dogs coats x 2

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #38

I have some items im working on, Barn stars for Xmas decs.

A pre raphelite style necklace pendant.

A barn which il make out of balsa wood (for an xmas project)but currently made out of paper, with a battery tealight inside.

And a cake which look awful but tasted fab.

(TheLittleBoxBoutique) #39

This is a personalised hand made wooden box that a bride-to-be wanted converted into a LOCK BOX, so that herself and her partner could protect their wedding vows.
The plan is to open and read their vows whenever they forget how much they mean to each other.

(Theresa Hing) #40

A friend wanted me to make a bracelet for his wife’s birthday, Garnet being her birthstone, incorporating this fossil which they found on top of a mountain in Peru!
The fossil was a challenge as it was very uneven. But I got there in the end, I added an uncut Tourmaline in the centre. The rest of the bracelet was a doddle in comparison!