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Show us the face behind the business

It’s always nice to see who you are talking to - let’s see the face behind your business!

Tell us a bit about yourself too if you’re not too shy :slight_smile:

My name is Sarah - I’m 40 something :wink: I work from my little studio in Hampshire. I have two almost grown up boys, 2 cats a dog and a rabbit.
I also have a Mr Dottery Potter who acts as a helper elf when needed, especially when it comes to reclaiming clay!


Great thread!

I’m Sarah from The Sherbet Patch.
I was 50 this summer, and work from home in rural South Wales.

My son has recently emigrated to Austria with work, so it’s just me and the cats, Poppy and Suki.
They’re 15 and 14 now, and have seen me through lots…love them to bits!


This is me and my niece, taken a few years back when I had no grey hair. Both my niece and nephew love crafts now.


I’m Lin. Me and one of my woofers. In a place I love to be.
I’m from Bristol. Love doing what I do. Especially doggy items. I find Jewellery making very relaxing.


My name is Martine and I live by the sea in Devon. I love love love making my rag dolls and little cotton mice and writing stories about them. I was a teacher for 38 years and loved every minute of it so I guess my little creations are just an extension of that - creating things for children to enjoy.


Hello! Nice to ‘meet’ everyone.

Julia here. I was born in Oxfordshire, but now live in Dumfries & Galloway.

I love sewing, patchwork, collage, painting and drawing.

I’m married to Rob and we have a dog (Brock), cat (Minnow) and chicken (Connie).

Rob and I also run our own business selling WriteItNow 5, (Rob’s software for novel writers).


Actually my photo and my story is on my shop front page if you scroll down from the boxes

I have retired from being a full time cabinet maker, I am in a ukelele group, and sing with Nelsons Shantymen, based where Nelson came from in Nth Norfolk



I’m Jo, I live in a village in West Sussex. I’ve only been making linocut prints since about August this year but I’ve always done some kind of crafting… I knit and crochet too. And draw. And bake.

My real job involves a lot of spreadsheets so crafting is my escape. My other favourite escape is hiking, this photo is from earlier this year in the Peak District which is my favourite part of Britain. My friend Sue & I do this silly pose in whatever destination we go to, it’s a tradition now!


Hi, I am Teodora from TeodoraPaintings and I am 39. I am originally from Romania, but I moved to the UK in 2005. I live in Devon and I love it! When I don’t paint or create, I work as an Interpreter, Translator and Bilingual Support in schools in Devon. I am into ethical fashion and I like taking photos of things that inspire me. I also like hiking (mountaineering) and National Trusting :slight_smile: .


waves - it’s so lovely to see you all :slight_smile:


Ah - this is lovely! I was going to put a sensible photo but I do love this one when I had just found out I have a place in the London Marathon nest year! I am the face behind Dottie Designs & British Crafters
I am 40 lots with a HUGE birthday next year - Mamma to 2 teen boys and a 10yo girl. Spent 23 years in the Armed Forces and have been reinventing myself since leaving in 2008!