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Who's on Pinterest?

I recently joined Pinterest and I am looking for some fellow folksy sellers to follow!
Here’s my link-

Have a nice day and happy pinning!

Sophia x

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Hi Sophia,
Have just followed your boards - here’s a link to mine

Lynn x

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Hi Sophia,
This is me :smile:

Donna x

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Hi Sophia

Here’s my account. I’ll just click on yours to follow you! :smile:

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This is me on Pinterest.

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I’m just starting out on Pinterest, so it’s a bit empty, but for what it’s worth, here it is :wink:

Here’s mine

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Hi just recently started on pinterest too and am now hooked! This is mine

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I am a Pinterest addict! You can find my (many) boards here -

Here is mine; now I am off to follow you all :).

I’m here

Hi Sophia, This is my page

Hi Sophia, have just followed you on Pinterest, this me: shall have to have a proper look now!

This is me :smile:

Im on Pinterest. I shall take a look at all your boards at some point.

Here’s mine…

I must confess I haven’t done much with it recently, so it’s a bit untidy!

Hi Sophia,

Have just followed your lovely boards. I especially like your ‘Queen of Kitties’ illustration!

Here are my boards:

Thank you!

This is me. Looking forward to checking out all the boards. Pauline x

Here’s mine :slight_smile: