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Where did the "stay signed in" tick box go?

(Anna King) #1

I was just wondering where the “stay signed in” tick box has gone? On the log in page, there used to be a box I could tick so that I didn’t have to sign in every time I access Folksy. I can’t find this box any longer. Am I overlooking the box or has this option been removed? I understand that this is a minor niggle but having the option to stay signed in would save me a tiny amount of time each day and I am all for that :smile:

(Kelly) #2

Hi Anna @AnnaKingJewellery,
I’m able to see the box and mines always checked ready for me to login. Maybe it’s just a bug your end but it hasn’t been removed or broken. Hope that’s of help. x :wink:

(Dogzpawz) #3

I can’t see one either :sleepy:
Could it be something to do with using a tablet?

(Kelly) #4

I’m not sure @Dogzpawz ? I’m using my pc but all seems fine this end. x

(Anna King) #5

I am on my PC using Firefox 39.0.

(Dogzpawz) #6

I really don’t know then :confused:
It is annoying having to log in all the time :triumph:
I feel your pain :heart:

(Deborah Jones) #7

I’m on chrome and have to sign in every time , the box went missing many months ago for me.

(Kelly) #8

I just use IE. x