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Sales so so slow - Help!

(Emily Clayton) #1

Hi everyone - I know I’ve been complaining about this before but I just need re-assurance that it will get better. My sales are sooo slow, last one in June. I was pleased to hit my 50 sales mark, but it took me forever to get there. I use Facebook and a little movement on Pinterest but I just don’t seem to hit those regular sales… Would appreciate you checking my shop and giving me some overall feedback, good or bad.

Really value your input

Happy sales
Emily xx


Hi Emily, It’s always slow at this time of year. Even big established businesses take a dip during the summer. It will start to pick up next month, then the Christmas rush will start. So be prepared lol :slight_smile:

(CopperTobi) #3

Just slow month Emily. Hopefully Xmas change all this :slight_smile: Trying to be ready for it :slight_smile: Do the same!

(Roz) #4

Hi Emily, lovely shop and items. Not things I’m in the market for, I have no little ones, but I’m sure your things will appeal to many. Love the sheep ornaments :smile:

Do you join in any of the promotional threads on the forums or the Facebook group pages (there are 2 for Folksy sellers that I know of). I have found that has really helped my views and sales.

I agree with Donna - it is a quiet time, hopefully things will pick up when the school holidays are over and in the run up to Christmas. Why not take advantage of the quiet time to redo some of your photos. Some of your items have been cropped by Folksy so you can’t see the whole item (I find cropping photos square before uploading works best for me). Also I find some of your photos a little bit cluttered, the plaques hanging with some of your baby clothes for example detract from the item. Also if taking photos with a background with lines on it its best to try and get them vertical (difficult I know from experience so it might be worth choosing a different background)

A final point that you may not like is that you do not state whether your toys are CE tested, if they are then say so, if not … well thats up to you but technically you shouldn’t be selling them.

Hope that helps (you did say feedback good or bad :slight_smile: )

Good luck with the shop and hope things pick up in the run up to Christmas.


(Sasha Garrett) #5

as the others have said this time of year is really quiet on line. I’ve used this time to redo photos (some still work) and add tags to all my listings whilst redoing some of the listing text at the same time to make sure my items are found in searches at Christmas time when things pick up (starts in October). (A quick look in your shop and it looks like not all your items have tags and those that do don’t have very many) You say you promote via facebook and pinterest but there are no links to those from your shop so you might want to add that to your shop profile.

(Amberlilly) #6

Oh sweet shop, love it!
If you are not on instagram then you will be missing out, they use # a lot and young mums will be on there.
Give it ago, it has been kind to me when all else has failed.

(Emily Clayton) #7

Thanks Donna appreciate the encouraging words will keep on crafting then x

(Emily Clayton) #8

Thanks so much - I hope so x have a lovely day x

(Emily Clayton) #9

Hi Roz, thanks so much for the helpful feedback. I will defo take it all on board and work with it.
Happy sales x

(Emily Clayton) #10

Hi Sasha, thanks for the feedback. I struggle with the tags - never really know what to put in there - any advise welcomed xx

(Emily Clayton) #11

Thanks - I have heard before that Instagram is very good and will now defo go and register and try.
So grateful for all your feedback and advice ladies

Happy crafting

(Sasha Garrett) #12

Sometimes I get ‘taggers block’ but start with the obvious (colours, materials, what it is) then move on to suggested uses, then on to style based words. So for your sheepy pouch you could have cream, yellow, black, white, check, felt, cotton, applique, pouch, purse, bag, sheep, make up bag, hand bag organiser, cute. Remember to include alternative spellings or common mis-spellings. For listings text I was advised to describe the item in the first few sentences as if I was describing it to a blind person who can’t see the photo (after all search engine robots can’t see it).
Hope that helps.

(Emily Clayton) #13

Thanks Sasha - have just been working through my lunchbreak to tag all my goodies - sjoe what a job - but will go back and retweek with your ideas. Thanks again for that x