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Social media?

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #1

Just after some advise please. I have a etsy page which does really well and a website. But I tend to provide my link for my website on Facebook, Twitter etc when advertising sometimes I use my etsy link. Just wondering what others do when you have different shops x

(Roz) #2

I don’t think it really matters what link you provide as long as you realise that that is where your customers will go. I point all my customers to my Folksy shop because at the end of the day that is the shop that I want to work with, I do have an Et*y shop but it is not fully stocked and I don’t really expect to get lots of sales there as I never promote it but keep it going just on the off chance that someone will stumble across it!

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(Elaine) #3

I’ve sent you a message Lyndsey. Elaine :blush:

(Carol Webb) #4

Yes, that is what I do…link to my Folksy shop and (try) to promote that above any other I might have.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

As Roz said - people will go where you point them. Since I have a plus account I have far more in my folksy shop than I do in my etsy shop so I point people to here with social media/ business cards etc. Since ety is more widely know I tend to put the items with more obscure gemstones in that shop as they need the larger audience to sell and people do stumble across my items and buy them without me having to advertise the shop.

(Amberlilly) #6

I do a bit of everything, but on Folksy when I tweet it doesn’t provide a photo with the link unlike Etsy does. This makes it less easy to use. Unless I’m doing it wrong, I have tried chrome and Firefox! But with Firefox I can share the link by holding the photo and it shows both my page manager for Facebook and Instagram, this really helps on IG.

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #7


I’ve been reading the ‘Online marketing’ book by Hilary Pullen and she suggests (that doesn’t mean you have to agree) that a good thing to do is to direct people to your blog. Have all you links on your blog. Have the link go to a ‘Welcome/About me’ type of page. On your blog you can have a gallery of your makes, a link to all your outlets including any bricks and mortar places. She argues that there is a greater potential of getting that person to connect with you on a more personal level, see the process… get to know you a little and even if they don’t buy this time they might follow you and buy another time. I guess it’s a strategy to keep a hold of folk once they’ve found you. Plus, if you different stuff in different places they get to see all the stuff yo have and not just what you have in once place.

Also, a link from your Folksy shop to your blog and from your blog to your Folksy shop helps ranks as of course if does to Facebook and Twitter etc.

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #8

I tweet using Tweet deck and from there you can add your 'tweet and upload an image. I use Safari as the browser and it works just fine.