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Solution to Facebook reach problems

I am sure most of you have a fan page and get frustrated with either having to pay or not getting seen by your fans.

My number one upset is that these are the people who chose to like my page because they wanted to see my stuff and they never get see it.

So I have gone in a sulk and made a group along side my page just so that when I say something people will actually see it.

So far it is going really well and it has been amazing to have people respond when I put a picture up.

I will keep my page going to direct people over when I get new likes.

I would thoroughly suggest doing the same as me if you are in the same boat.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for the information, is it okay to make a group when you are a business - I am not very good at social media but have a friend whose page was taken down by facebook for not following the rules?
If it is allowed it sounds like super way to get seen.

It is ok because it is a friends of your page group.

My page is Chelsea Illustration and Facebook itself suggested I make a group called ‘Friends of Chelsea Illustration’

Not following the rules is usually more like spamming, messaging people, posting of peoples walls, adding all your fans as friends.

It would be horrible to loose a page you have put all you time and effort in.

My Facebook page was once my main source of income and my pride and joy because it did so well.


What a brilliant idea, so your original business facebook page is it still up and running, or just this Group page is that what your saying.
Can you give us a brief description on how you did it please.

my original page is still there so I can keep letting people know I have moved.

I went onto a group I am a member of and it was just on the right hand side asking if I want to make a group. I did it and invited all my Facebook friends and then put a notice on my page.

I have around 500 in my group and 4500 Facebook page fans so it is building slowly.

It has been well worth it so far. My page reach was 25!!! I now reach 250 every post because it allows me to reach everyone online.

It is amazing to interact with my fans again. I missed it. I took it for granted before.

I am not sure if I can put links on here and I don’t want to risk upsetting anyone but hopefully it will be pretty straightforward for you :slight_smile:

Is this not where I can create a group.

Did you set it at Public, Closed or Secret.

I set mine as public so that people can find me and add themselves.

However I set posts to page to being approved by me because I did not want a random person to spam my page while I’m away :slight_smile:

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I’ll look at it properly tomorrow as I’ve had a long day been at a craft fair.

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Morning @ChelseaIllustration, I hope things are still going well with your post reaches etc.
I shall try and set a group up today and I suppose if it doesn’t do as well as I expected then I can always close it down again.

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That’s a good idea! Thanks for sharing. Our Facebook page is fairly small at the moment anyway, but it us disheartening and frustrating when you put things out there and less than 10 people see them!

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Sounds like a great idea. I already run a knitting group and a handmade group so I’ll set one up for my page too :blush:


Did you add all the people you have as friends in the members section when you were setting up your group or leave that bit blank.

Sorry to jump in but as I’m here I thought I’d reply. I added a lot of my friends but put a post in the group saying if they didn’t want to be in the group then to leave. It’s a shame you can’t invite people so they then have the choice.

The reason why I asked that is because I’ve just added some of my friends and it was saying “something went wrong, you maybe able to try again” so I was thinking its because I’d added people in the members section.

@Knittingtopia & @ChelseaIllustration I’m struggling to add tags to my group any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong please. Sorry for asking all these questions but I need to get this right, I need the exposure on Facebook because I’m getting annoyed with all my posts been ignored.

The members section is where I add people :slight_smile:

Also tags are usually something short like art, artist, painter, craft. A drop down menu should come up and you just click on the relevant one. :slight_smile: tag added :slight_smile:

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I’m not getting that drop down menu for the tags for some reason.

@ChelseaIllustration fathomed it out.Thank you for all your help.

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