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SOLVED - Help! Error message when trying to preview

(Julia Laing) #1

Hello, I’m trying to list an item but getting an error message when I hit preview.
"Item Description contains the following invalid characters:"
There are no character shown next to the text so I have no idea what the problem is.
Anyone had any experience of this that might be able to help me out? @folksystaff

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

I had this problem because a word I used was classed as a swear word.
I changed the wording and I could list it.

(Julia Laing) #3

That’s interesting @hobbitgirlie1880 hobbitgirlie1880. Don’t think there’s any swear words in the description but I better double check there’s nothing with another meaning I’ve missed…

(Jan Ryan) #4

Could it be a word within a word eg… arsenal I know there used to be a problem a few years ago with certain words.

(Julia Laing) #5

Thanks Jan! I tried changing a lot of things but it still wouldn’t work until I deleted the whole thing and re-pasted it as plain text. there must have been some invisible characters in there. Thought I was never going to get to the bottom of it so that’s a relief! :smile: