Folksy Ltd

Anyone else

Had sales today where they have recieved no notification whatsoever from Folksy or Paypal…? :flushed:

I had this on Sunday…I posted about it. I did eventually get the notification from Folksy…but still haven’t had anything from Paypal… Camilla told me to report it to Admin if it happened again…
This was the thread

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Weird isnt it? I had to action a partial refund on PP just now, didnt get an email about that either. :flushed:
Thank-you, sort of glad its not just me! X

I would report it to They need to know if this is happening to others, not just me.

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Will do! Thanks👍

I did have this but it righted itself in a couple of days. Hope you got things sorted. :slight_smile:

Reported the probem but support said it was me, my inbox was full. Strange that I got emails from elsewhere though!

That is odd!