Who thinks that earrings should be allowed to be listed in the art & printmaking section?

It would appear that Folksy doesn’t object to EARRINGS being allowed to be listed in the wrong Section. Currently a seller on Folksy is consistently listing EARRINGS in the Art & Printmaking Section on a daily basis and despite being reported on various occasions is still being allowed to get away with it. The introductory copy which Folksy has written introducing the Art & Printmaking Section is as follows:

Print making is a very traditional artform. Shop limited edition prints from British based artists. Wood cuts, lino cuts, etchings, engravings, letterpress and screen printed works of art. A beautifull framed print can transform a bare walll and add a big dollop of personality to your home.

No mention of Earrings transforming a bare wall? Or even Earrings adding a big dollop of personality to your home? Change the copy Folksy if Earrings are allowed to be listed in this Section!

Can we have a vote from all hard working, Folksy Sellers, who pay for their hard earned listings to be listed in the correct Sections and stop other sellers from spamming the site!

Difficult one as the only earrings I could see in that section are actually made using a printmaking process so probably valid. You could argue that someone who loves printmaking might pick them up there so it is a good place to list them.
I often struggle myself as I make animal models using felt and list them across various sections one of which is art:sculpture … they are not sculptures in the traditional sense but are woollen sculptures! Another one I use is art dolls, again a bit tenuous.
Tenuous links often appear in categories and tags but I don’t think it’s against the rules as such.


It’s wrong, but the main affect is that the seller will miss out because people wanting earrings won’t find them. Buyers wanting your prints will ignore them as miscategorised. Their loss not yours.

It’s possible it’s a genuine mistake that happened through copying a listing, and has just been perpetuated because copying is easier that writing from scratch, and it’s easy not to check every field.


If they’re earrings that feature miniature prints, or are made with a printmaking technique, then why not? It’d be somewhat of a long shot on the part of the seller, but I guess if a buyer really wanted printed earrings they might look in this section for them?


I wasnt aware they were. But there only seems to be 9 items of jewellery earings and brooches In the printmaking section and they all use a printmaking technique so i dont see why not, 9 items isnt spamming,
Ive had a good browse 9/ 10 pages and didnt see any jewellery on .just a nice mix of different printmakers to each page.

If something had nothing to do with printmaking then I would wonder why? and i dont think anyone should spam the site.



No it’s not a genuine mistake!!!

Do you REALLY think so???

The ones I can see come about 3 pages down, definitely have a printed design, and though as a buyer I would not search for them there, why not?
They don’t detract from all the actual prints in that section, and I doubt that any buyer using the category to search will really be looking for earrings so it’s to the seller’s disadvantage, not yours.
There is no way that the site can automatically stop incorrect use of the category field, any more than it can automatically prevent incorrect tags. If you object, then report the item to Folksy in the same way you would report any other inaccurate listing.


Unless there’s an obvious violation of the rules I would say just let things slide - I’m sure most miscatagorised items are mistakes rather than deliberate - and sometimes it’s hard to decide what category some things fit into. As long as a category is not top heavy with mistakes I would let it go - afterall badly placed items are not likely to sell so are not ‘competition’ so to speak.

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I went through 12 pages and only found 2 pairs of earrings on page 3. As far as I can judge, no potential buyer would give two hoots about them being there, and the only person losing out is the lister, as potential earring buyers will not see the product.

Yep! You’re right.

Yep! You’re right. Agreed.

Totally agree. Sorted!

I’ve more of a problem with digital works being called ‘prints’ instead of ‘reproductions’.

But that’s an enlightenment too far…

I can see the point of view for allowing earrings using a printmaking technique to be listed, but honestly, they have a better opportunity of being found if they list in earrings, jewellery, personal adornment or whatever they want to call them. Buyers will look for jewellery or earrings, surely?
To my mind printmaking is PRINTS that hang on a wall or are framed, or possibly are sold as cards.