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Stamping platforms

Do any of you have a stamping platform?
Its a thing and bit like a cd case with base and hinged lid, where you can restamp images in the same position.
Its my birthday soon and can’t help thinking Id get back into stamping more if I had one.
I just tried to emulate one with a cd case, works great with mounted stamps but I mostly have clear polymer stamps and they aren’t deep enough.
Are they any good?

I’ve tried the Tim Holtz platform and the MISTI. While the Tim Holtz one is stronger, for me the MISTI is more accurate. I think it’s because the hinge is fixed on the MISTI but the Tim Holtz platform has a detatchable/reversable top.

So to sum up, if you have the larger grungy type stamps the Tim Holtz is better, but smaller detailed images work better on the MISTI.

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I have the Misti AND the tim holtz one and I LOVE the TIM Holtz best because you can use larger pieces of card. On the Misti it is limited in size and can squash the card…They had one on Hochanda today but on the Tim Holtz one you can turn the lid around to use on thicker mounted stamps. I am now in the process of removing the stamps from all my old thick wooden blocks…that will save loads of room and I can now use them on the stamp platform…I just love it…made loads of cards and all perfect…
Another tip I heard was that if you have a stamp that is rubber backed you can fix it to the platform lid by using a glue STICK…it works…I tried it…Hope that helps x

I hate to betray Create and Craft but my dispatch email just came through frm Hochanda re my purchase of a Be Creative Stampers friend. I love getting money for my birthday #craftyjoy

Say hello to my little Stampers friend. Its fab!!