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Starting out with Pinterest

I’m sure you’ll all be able to give me some help with getting started on Pinterest. I’ve read some previous threads which have been helpful, so I dived in, but now I’m confused…

First I created an account (as Helen Clifford - and made some boards and pinned my own shop items to see how it worked. Then Pinterest offered me a ‘Business account/hub/profile’, so I created one in the name of Helen Clifford Art (

It prompted me to copy my ‘personal’ boards and pins onto the ‘business’ page, and I can swap between the two, but I’m not quite clear what exactly I have acheived! Do I actually need both? why? Is it more or less like having personal and business pages on Facebook where you can lock down your personal stuff so it’s very private, and keep the business pages widely visible?

If was to pin some items from other Folksy sellers that I liked, which one (or both?) would it be appropriate to put them on?

I haven’t linked either from my Folksy profile yet as I don’t quite know which one to use.

Hi ya,

I’m no expert on social media but this is how I use Pinterest. I have 2 Pinterest accounts, my personal account & a separate business account. Anything folksy & my shop related goes to my business boards along with anything craft fair or business related & I keep my personal boards for stuff for me & don’t tend to mix the two. You can also create secret boards on Pinterest for anything you don’t want any followers to see (I have an ideas board on Pinterest which is secret because I pin things to that for inspiration). Hope this helps.


That’s helpful, thank you Louise.

Do you know whether there is any difference between following someone else ‘as myself’ or ‘as my business’ - it looks as if it comes to the same thing.

And is there a way of signposting people to my Business page if they come to my personal page instead?


You’re welcome, I don’t think it makes any difference to what happens if you follow people as yourself or your business, I have a couple of people i’ve followed as both but usually try & keep things separate.

If you go into your account settings under your personal profile you can add a point to the business profile to the about me section & add a website which I’ve just found! I’ve now used this to add a note about my shop & put my folksy shop url in the website section.

Cheers Lou

Hi Helen. Have you read these two articles on our blog about Pinterest?

I would personally recommend having one Pinterest account, rather than two, because you are your business. I’d also change the name/URL of that account so it is the same as your Folksy shop and make the logo the same as your Folksy avatar, so people can easily find you.

The only reason you’d need two accounts is if what you want to pin personally is very different from what you would pin as an artist, eg if you were getting married and wanted lots of boards related to weddings, but even then you can choose to keep some boards secret.

The benefit of the business account is that it gives you analytics, so you can get much more information about which of your pins are popular and how people are finding you etc.

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Also I don’t know if you know but there are Folksy local area boards that you can pin your items to from your shop. I’m in the Manchester & Cheshire one but I’m sure there will be one local to you. I think you have to request to join, I did it from a post on Folksy clubhouse on Facebook :grinning:

Brilliant, thank you!
I have even been able to change the URL of the buininess page to, rather than that meaningless clifford5960.

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Many thanks, Camilla, I will read and learn! I’ve added my folksy avatar, now wonder wthether I can delete my 'personl page without having to start from scratch with the business one. We’ll see!

I will check them out ! Thank you!