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Stripe Monthly financial statement?

Has anyone found how to see a simple monthly financial statement on Stripe?
I just want figures for gross sales amount and fees taken for specific months.
Trying to catch up with my books (which I hate anyway) and haven’t managed to find this simple bit of info. :persevere:


This is as simple as I can get it I’m afraid.
If you go to ‘transactions’ which is under the ‘balance’ tab on the left hand side of your stripe dashboard you can export a spreadsheet of all your payments in and out (export is on the right hand side if you haven’t already spotted it), to set a date range you need to click on ‘filter’, click on the box by ‘date’, select ‘is between’ from the drop down menu and then select the date range you are after on the calendar. This will cause it to bring up just the ins and outs for those dates which you can then export. You can then use excel to sum the ‘fee’ and ‘customer facing amount’ columns to give you the total fee paid and the total amount paid via stripe (I haven’t found a way of doing that in stripe itself). The fee it quotes is the combined folksy/stripe fee, I think I’d given up faffing about at that point because I’ve just entered it into my books as ‘stripe/folksy fees’ rather than breaking it down further.
Definitely not as user friendly as my iZettle dashboard.


Thanks Sasha, bit of a pain in the bum compared to Paypal too.