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Stripe payment no sale showing

Has anyone else had a problem tonight with a Stripe payment showing for a Folksy item but no email from Folksy re a sale and no new order showing up in your shop? It looks like a genuine sale - I can see what the buyer has purchased via Stripe but I need details e.g. in case they want it sent directly to someone else as a gift. I could contact the buyer directly but it then make Folksy look a bit unprofessional. Nevertheless I need to sort it out quickly, being this close to Christmas.
Will contact Folksy but wondering if I am the only one?

Not had this happen. I wouldn’t worry about no notification but is defo a concern if no sale is showing on Folksy. I’d email Folksy admin if I were you and mark it urgent. I had to contact them the other day about something and I got a really quick response and were v. helpful. I wouldn’t worry about contacting the customer in the meantime just saying there’s been a small blip with the info coming through but you can see they’ve paid and you want to check a few things and get it off to them quickly. Well done for noticing as I don’t really monitor Stripe unless I see an order on Folksy so makes me wonder if others would have missed this as well. Hope you get it resolved soon … if you haven’t already :smile:

Thanks @feelfeltfound. It is odd. I had another sale even later last night and that came through fine, but was via PayPal. I did sent an urgent message to Folksy admin last night and as the sale still isn’t showing this morning I shall contact the buyer. I may have to to get their address. Can’t remember if it shows up on Stripe.

Hi have a sale that isn’t showing I need to contact Folksy too.

Hi @crestaceramics. Frustrating isn’t it? As a matter of interest was it a sale via Stripe? PayPal sales seem to work OK for me.
Folksy have now sorted it out and put the sale through thankfully, although I did get a little tetchy when they confused this sale with the later (PayPal) one I had last night and re-sent me info I already had. It’s nice to have two sales anyway - it’s been a quietish Christmas.

What a shambles … the sale finally popped into my shop late morning today. Having had a first message from Folksy confusing this sale with another (PayPal) one and sending me the info from the PayPal sale, which I already had, I then got a message (after I had sent Folksy a screenshot of the Stripe notification and the sale had turned up) from Folksy saying that they knew nothing about this Stripe sale! Now I find that Stripe has billed my poor customer twice for the same sale! Have just got onto Stripe and asked them to sort it out and sent an apologetic email to the customer and have also posted them the item they bought. Hope he doesn’t think it’s my fault. I have never had problems with Stripe before but am rapidly going off them!

It may be that this was just a one time glitch, but if anyone else experiences this (a Stripe payment coming in for a Folksy item, but no sign of an order on your orders page) please can you let us know.

If you’re signed up to Stripe but don’t receive notification of payments you can set these up by logging in to your Stripe dashboard > go to your ‘Profile’ (click the avatar in the top corner) > scroll down and you will see the “Notifications” section > tick the box next to “Successful payments - Receive a notification for every successful payment.”

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