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No email received for order

Hi Admin,

Lucky me received 2 orders this afternoon. One paid by PayPal, notification received but the other, paid by Stripe, no notification received. This has happened several times over the past couple of years.

Can this be looked into please.

Thank you.

For stripe you need to opt in to receive payment notification emails - you do this from settings I think on the stripe dashboard.

Thanks Sasha. I have done that, I am not receiving a notification from Folksy so had no idea there was a sale.

You are probably better of dropping admin an email ( to get them to look into it quicker as they don’t check the forums all that frequently.
I was reading in a different thread that emails were taking longer than normal to come through but they were coming through eventually - not ideal I know.

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Seems this is an intermittent problem, affecting a very small number of sellers, and a fix has been requested.

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@dougfolksy @folksycontent
Dear Support… I’ve had three orders in last few hours and no Folksy email. The Paypal/ Stripe emails have appeared as has the Folksy seller news so nothing wrong at my end. I have messaged the urgent support email address as well but just want to be sure people are checking for orders in case they rely on those emails to notifiy of their sales
Joy xx

Ps. Not just me. See my post on FB clubhouse.

Hi Joy, it happened to me as well today! I knew I had received orders because I received emails from PayPal… I’ll write to Support too.

I suspect it is affecting ALL orders and is therefore URGENT especially being Friday @dougfolksy ??

PS : It does appear to be just order emails I just contacted myself and got the message from both sides, me as seller and me as customer… in seconds.

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Hope Doug fixes it soon. I always acknowledge the order by replying on the Folksy email that way I have all the order details handy in one place.
No email meant I had to use the payment ones instead.
Outlook rejected my send of the first two, Paypal as Spam (!!) so I’ve had to completely redo them and sent from my other email address just in case. ~
The Stripe payment email helpfully (!!!) doesn’t show any order details at all so had to copy paste in from my order screen and I can tell you, that order screen does not respond neatly to copy paste.~
Half an hour later…

FIXED Thanks @dougfolksy xxxx

Joy, do you use a pc or tablet?
What I normally do from a pc, I go into the Order page and click on Print Order. Instead of sending it to the printer though, I select the option of “printing” it as a PDF. Once I’ve got a pdf I use the Snipping Tool and select the area I then paste as an image to either a document (for the copy of the order I send with my parcel) or an email.
It sounds like a lot of work, but after you’ve done it once you know where to go and how to do it and doesn’t take long.
You are even able to use the Snipping Tool directly on the order page (so without creating a pdf doc), it depends how much you want to show. I like more the pdf version.

Folksy might have the issue solved soon quickly anyway (hopefully :crossed_fingers:)

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Oh just seen it got fixed. Well I’m leaving the explanation above as it might be useful in the future (or other things) :slight_smile:

Thanks xx but I do like my way of doing it and it is normally very fast. Means I only need the email not Folksy as well… .been doing it that way for years and years … just as long as I have that email. :grin::grin:
I am exceedingly PC / IT competent but your way may indeed be useful to others so thank you for that. Xx

Now fixed. Xx

Oh yeah, mine was only to solve the issue while you weren’t receiving the email. :blush:

The spamming of mine was just plain aggravating… Sometimes the world conspires against you :smiley::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

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No e-mails this Morning from Folksy for my latest 3 orders.
(notifications from Paypal though)

Same here paypal
and Stripe

@dougfolksy @folksycontent

Sorry didn’t see this thread.

The last 2 sales no Folksy email but have. Heard from PayPal

No emails here from Folksy either. Fortunately PayPal told me.

Are the items showing up in your fees? I had an order last week, PayPal email but no folksy email, and whilst the order is showing, its not included in the fees. Its a win for me, I guess, but I’d like to pay my dues fairly.