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Sudden increase in facebook likes

(Angrycatcrochet) #1

Has anyone ever had a sudden increase in page likes on facebook? Since this morning I’ve had 90 (and counting?) I don’t have an ad or anything, and I didn’t do anything different today than I have been doing since May, actually I was away for the weekend so my page was pretty quite up til yesterday.

(Sarah Eves) #2

If I was asked to put my Mystic Meg hat on I would say one of your items has been featured somewhere :smile:

Sarah x

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #3

Somebody has maybe shared your page? or at least something on it… wouldn’t mind it happening to me x :smiley_cat:

(Angrycatcrochet) #4

Ha I’d love it if they were :slight_smile:

I am a bit dubious as a lot of the names are foreign and some of the accounts haven’t been updated since 2012? Tad confusing

(Christine Shephard) #5

You haven’t boosted a post or taken out an ad on there have you, maybe without realising it? Sometimes the paid-for likes are from far-flung places.

(Angrycatcrochet) #6

@ciesse That’s what I thought I might have done but no, I checked it there. In the beginning I took out an ad paid 25 quid for a week and got about 100 extra likes in total over the week. Then I learned about how it all works with people getting paid tiny amounts of money for 12/13 hour shifts. I was horrified so I’ve been very wary of it since then, cause I know the boost button is easy to hit off.

I shared a page, one of those share for a share things, and from the looks of her page she has shot up from 300 likes 5 days ago to over 2,000 now. So it must have something to do with that?

But I’m confused at to why they would do this? Whats the benefit?

(Susan Bonnar) #7

It might not be but I shared your page to ours earlier this week over at British Crafters. I shared your Cat sleeve today too as it made me smile!

Here is the link if you want a peek!

Dottie x

(Angrycatcrochet) #8

Oh might have something to do with it :slight_smile: oh thank you for sharing my stuff, he he yeah I made one of those phone covers for myself, people always get a good laugh at it :smiley:

I’m up by 137 likes since yesterday, if they are all genuine likes that’s great, I don’t think there is any benefit from the paid likes on accounts that are fake.

(Susan Bonnar) #9

You are very welcome! That’s the great thing about British Crafters that people see your stuff, like it on our page and then some will pop over and like the page which is brilliant! xx

(Karen Ellam) #10

That’s great your receiving lots of likes. :grinning:

I love using my Facebook page, I haven’t had it long. Its fast becoming my favourite place to show my work.
I haven’t got many likes yet, but maybe that’s something I’m doing wrong. I don’t know lol… Time will tell :slight_smile:


(Pauline Hayward) #11

Don’t know about sudden increases @angrycatcrochet in likes on facebook, but I’ve just checked my own website and my views for today alone is 314. This keeps happening from time to time so I’ve got something right for a change.


(Suzanne Francis) #12

that’s fab! Im not getting much of anthing lately - likes or new page likes, it’s like im not coming up on peoples feed :o( I can’t work it out, so im trying to start Tweeting more ! I just liked your page Karen :smiley:

(Matt Underwood) #13

Linking everything in is hard isn’t it.

Promoting what we do leaves less time for creativity.

Grrrr :wink:

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #14

Yey!! Good for you! The chances are you have been shared or featured in a Blog or magazine somewhere! Wonderful when this happens but sometimes a bit mystifying when you don’t know who to thank! Maybe just post a general ‘Thank You!’ up and see if you get a reply! Mx

(Karen Ellam) #15

Thanks for liking my page Suzanne. I’m coming to have a nosy at yours now lol

Karen :slight_smile: