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Suggestions for how to word a listing

I have a textile artwork, currently framed, but have decided to re-list it (as per listing below) as a panel which someone could use to incorporate into a cushion. I wanted to see if I had used the right terminology or if anyone could think of different ways to describe it?? I’m going to do this to a couple of my framed artworks, so it would be really useful if I knew the best way to describe them.

The idea is that someone buys this and then uses it to stitch into their own cushion. I don’t provide any instructions as to how they could do this, but just leave it up to the buyer’s own creativity.

Thanks in advance. :smile:

I can see uses for it other than cushions eg on a bag or central panel in a quilt or a wall hanging with all their pony rosettes on it so it might be worth removing cushion from the title and then adding other suggestions into the listing/ tags. However… is it (machine) washable? If it isn’t then that needs to be mentioned even though it put people off if they were planning on using it in an item that might need washing.


Hi @SashaGarrett - no I don’t think it would be washable as although its all craft fabric and ribbons, I wouldn’t want to risk it in case any of the colours ran. I’ll add that in straight away. The bag and wall hanging are great ideas so I’ll add those in too. Thanks very much :slight_smile:


Lots of girls will want to put this on their kit bags for riding, so I agree that the word bag needs to be in there as well as in the tags.

Sam x