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Suggestions for our new 'Unusual Gifts' guide please!

(WestWalesWillows) #549

Handmade in Wales and not something you see every day

(Della Marie) #550

(bluebellwoodturning) #551

How about this Owl Paperweight
Stylised owl heavy paperweight turned from beautifully figured English Beech wood from a pollarded tree from Lickey Birmingham, with the owl’s face and claws pyrographed onto the surface of the wood. The piece measures 115mm tall and is 63mm in diameter. After being sanded smooth it has been finished with beeswax and buffed to a high shine.

Ideal gift for owl lovers

(Jeanie Hansford) #552

A pair of baby bird coaster for the nature lovers

(Sue Beacham) #553

Unique Vase


(Della Marie) #554

For Aquatic Lovers,

(Helen Healey) #555

(Muranomagic) #556

(seaglassjewellery) #557

(Su Mwamba) #558

(Emily Clark) #559

(HandMaidSW) #560

I have several items in my shop that could be seen as unusual gifts from my new collection called Love Tattoo; all are based upon a love heart tattoo in the biker or rockabilly style.

A perfect gift for biker girls or goth teenagers may be a set of 7 Love Tattoo peg holders or perhaps my Love Tattoo 2 metre indoor bunting. There is also a greeting card that uses similar designs & a luxury red or black velvet heart hanging ornament embellished with a series of buttons, silver-plaited beads & a tassel.

(Karen Nelson) #561

(Samantha Osmond) #562

How about some unusual upcycled electrical components?

(Dawn Marshall) #563

Gifts for fairy lovers

(Crystal Clarke) #564

Handmade from wire and hand anodised in beautiful colours are these Titanium Chainmaille Bracelets.

Also Handmade from wire is this fully hallmarked hand anodised Niobium and Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet.

Handmade from wire is this fully hallmarked hand anodised Titanium and Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet.

(Emma) #565

(LottieBeggDesigns) #566

How about a print of a dog enjoying a party with a heart locket of Super Vet aka Noel Fitzpatrick round his neck.
Pretty unusual I’d say…

(Lynn Britton) #567

(Jan Ryan) #568