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How to recognise a scam email

Hi everyone, we’ve had a lot of scam emails through our messaging system over the past couple of days so we want to make sure you all know how to spot a scam.

Please have a read of this article on our Knowledgebase:

And always get in touch with us before replying to an email that looks suspicious. Doug is working to add an extra level of protection to our messaging system so hopefully we can reduce the number of scammers who are able to get through.


Thanks @clarefolksy, it’s always good to keep reminding everyone to always keep scams in mind when receiving a message.

There is this article on the blog too with advice on what to do if you do get a scam email and click on it.

Hi Peeps,

I have been in contact with a rather peculiar ‘buyer’ ( who wants to buy direct from me (while she is at sea) for her sister and have her ‘agent’ collect the item from me. I’ll let you know how this turns out. I’ve told her she’ll have to buy through

Best Wishes


Hi David, please do not reply to any further emails from this customer, it is a scam.

This user has now been suspended so you can ignore/delete the original email, but if you receive any similar messages through Folksy please let us know.

Unfortunately this is a difficult scam to eliminate from the site as the people involved constantly create new email addresses and change IP addresses in order to bypass any filters. However, if you received any subsequent replies that came directly from their email address (i.e. not the original message which was forwarded from us at, we would advise that you forward to their email service provider stating that you suspect fraud, and then mark those emails as spam. This seems to be the most effective way to get their email account shut down.

If they emailed you from a Yahoo address, forward to
If they emailed you from Gmail, please fill in this form

More info:

I’ve had one this morning, I’ve deleted it without replying to the email.

Same here - if you forward it to they will block the email account so they don’t send to anyone else.

scam e mails can do a lot of damage, when I was very new to computers I clicked on a scam '‘E-bay’ email and found myself banned by them for life, as my account was hijacked and used to do some kind of fraud with stolen or non existent BMW cars… and Ebay told me that they KNOW that I was involved… no they don’t !!, they really don’t… tread carefully folks… Life without Ebay is quite OK by the way lol