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Swapping thread 2020

Anyone up for a fun swap thread, you could get super organised for Christmas!

I’m sure that some of you have taken part in the swap threads on the forum before but here are the rules:

It works by simply swapping items of a similar value (including postage costs) with other sellers.

Comment on this thread so that we all know who’s joining in (I will keep this first post updated with participants shop names - if I can’t edit the first post - I will keep it updated regularly at the end of the thread)

Browse other participant’s shops

If you find something you’re interested in then pm the shop owner to ask them if they’d like to swap for anything in your shop

There’s no obligation to take up swaps that are offered if there is nothing that you’d like to swap for, and if there’s anything that you definitely don’t want to swap for then please mention it it upfront to save everyone’s time. Please don’t feel embarrassed to say if it’s not something you need right now.

(The swap is a contract between the two parties involved and neither Folksy nor the thread originator will be held liable if the contract is not fulfilled)

Participants 2020 (Dottery Pottery) (Off The Hook) (Jacqueline O Jewellery) (Jennies Gems)

me please xx

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Hi Jacqueline - welcome to the swapping thread - I’ll add you to the list x

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I would love to join in this year Sarah @thedotterypotter

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Lovely to have you on board Valerie @jenniesgems - I’ll add you to the list now x

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