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Christmas Swaps 2014

(Stephanie Guy) #1

Is anyone interested in Christmas swaps this year?

For those who haven’t done this before, it works by simply swapping items of a similar value (including postage costs) with other sellers.

If you want to join in then

  1. comment on this thread so that we all know who’s joining in
  2. browse other participant’s shops
  3. if you find something you’re interested in then pm the shop owner to ask them if they’d like to swap for anything in your shop

There’s no obligation to take up swaps that are offered if there is nothing that you’d like to swap for, and if there’s anything that you definitely don’t want to swap for then please mention it it upfront to save everyone’s time.

Did that make sense?

Oh, and I’m in!

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

I was only thinking recently I haven’t seen a Christmas swap thread this year, I’ve been swapping before and it’s great fun.

So if anyone fancy a swap for some Art In Wax I’m in …

In fact I have a bit of a wish list, so if you fancying trading for some of my Art In Wax on Folksy most of the stock could be available to swap - there are a couple of bigger mounted pieces I’m hoping will sell so may not be up for trade

What I’m after …
A pair of knitted fingerless gloves.
Handbag / tote bag
A mans leather bracelet
Gift for my 30 something sister in law (not jewellery)
Gift for my niece - uni student


(Donna) #3

Hi I’d like to join in please. Everything in y shop is available for swapping apart from the personalised party favour soaps.
Donna x

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

It’s busy on the forum today so I’ll give this a Bump

(Shirley Woosey) #5

I’m up for swaps - I have covers for books, kindles, ipads and tablets in this shop

and I have dolls house miniatures in this shop:

Not sure what I’m looking for really.

Shirley x

(Louise Jay) #6

I’m happy to swap, everything in my shop is available :smile:


(Phoenixprojects) #7

I’m happy to swap, too, if anybody sees anything they would like in my shop. :grinning:
I can paint ACEOs to order if you’d like something specific!

(Lisa Harrison) #8

I’m always up for a swap, got some lovely things over the years this way :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #9

I’m up for swaps. I’m mainly looking for stocking fillers this year for:-

Hubs, fingerless gloves and any candle making stuff - it’s his new hobby!
Son grown up - loves foxes anything with foxes - also plays the guitar
Daughter grown up loves make up, nail art and jewellery (loves her bling - I don’t make a lot of bling lol!)
Son in law (to be!) - not a clue
Step Mum maybe some warm winter woolies
Niece (age 12) - haven’t the foggiest!

I’m also looking for things like hand knits (hats gloves scrarves), make up bags or gadget covers

(Lynn Britton) #10

Hi I’m up for swaps
Looking mainly for girlie bits for the females in the family.
Lynn x


I am interested in swaps, everything in my shop is available. I am interested in jewellery, knitted colourful hats, handbags, home décor items and pottery but I am open to other products too :).
Teodora x

(Caroline John) #12

Im interested in swaps as well! Looking for a range of gifts for adults and children so open to most suggestions!

(Sarah Lambert) #13

Yes I’m interested in swaps too . Everything available. I’m interested in art, knitted, jewellery, christmas items or anything else really :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #14

Giving this thread a bump for the weekenders :smile:

(Donna) #15

Just giving the thread a bump :slight_smile:

(Dawn Marshall) #16

I am happy to swap anything in my shop…never done anything like this before

(Hazel Rayfield) #17

Just arranged my first swap of the year, still got lots on my wish list if anyone fancy a trade :smile:
You don’t have to mention your intention here just contact direct.

(Susannah Ayre) #18

Oh I’m glad I’ve found this thread I was going to ask the same thing this weekend!
I love swaps! So if anyone would like to swap anything in my shop please let me know!
My biggest issue is looking for something for an elderly gran (early 80’s) but she’s actually pretty deaf and blind- so it’s really hard to find something to suit her- so if anyone can think of anything that would be awesome!!
There’s also 1 small person in my family- he’s 3 in March- I’ve no idea what to get little people so something in that area would be good!
Other than that I’m open to ideas for other people!! :blush:

(Lynn Britton) #19

Yipee the first of my 3 swap items have arrived . Many thanks Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts they smell wonderful, they were supposed to be stocking fillers but I have a strong feeling that they will be kept for me instead.
Lynn x

(Leslie Morton) #20

Hi all

I am open for swaps of anything in the shop. Some are ready to ship and many are custom. The custom pieces take 7-10 days turnaround and I’d offer free UK shipping.

I do not have anything specific in mind but I am always looking for good quality, classic woman’s clothing.

Kind regards,