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Synthetic cushion pads. Foam or hollow fibre? which is best?

(Patrick Moriarty) #1

I always offer duck feather pads and most customers don’t mind paying for them, but a few customers are quite happy with synthetic pads which are much cheaper. The only problem is that the first order of synthetic pads (hollowfibre) were very lumpy. Would foam be better than hollow-fibre? or is it simply a case of… you get what you pay for? so i should buy a more expensive hollow-fibre pad? thank you for any replies. Patrick

(Christine Shephard) #2

I now offer cushion covers without the pads, as it keeps the postage cost down. However, I do offer an optional hollowfibre pad if preferred, rather than a feather one, as so many people have allergies nowadays. I think if buyers want feathers, they can buy the cover and then use their own feather pad.
As far as synthetic ones go, yes, you definitely get what you pay for! Some of the cheaper ones are very lumpy or unevenly filled. I wouldn’t use foam, hollowfibre is better - try John Lewis for good, reasonably priced ones.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I always prefer feather but if I can’t get it and wonder about how it’s sourced. So I buy hypo allergic hollow fibre.

But yes you do have to check the quality as some I’ve found have lumps of or large bits of curly plastic that’s not been converted properly into hollow fibre.

BTW price doesn’t always give you a good gauge on the quality of hollow fibre either I have found.

I must confess I don’t like foam ones and memory foam is the worst it.

(Samantha Stanley) #4

My cushions are hollow fibre. I’m allergic to feathers and I don’t think I’d like foam-brings back memories of some very square looking cushions my Mum had in her conservatory in the 1980’s :fish:

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

I have hollow fibre inners for my cushion covers.

(Rosesworkshop) #6

Solid foam blocks are ok for garden furniture, but as soon as you are using it indoors it has to meet fire safety regs. If you want to sell your cushions with pads then find a supplier of nice quality hollowfibre pads and stick with them - yes they will probably be a little bit dearer. Feather pads are great within the UK, but if you want to sell overseas check the latest bird flu prevention regulations.

Or just sell covers only, and leave it up to your customers what to put inside.

(Patrick Moriarty) #7

Dear Christine, Eileen, Samantha, Grimm and Roses,
thanks for all your constructive comments. Very helpful. I will take it all on board. I think i will search for a good quality (no lumps) hollowfibre supplier and then stick with them. I will continue to offer feather pads (for UK only), ‘covers only’ for abroad. Thanks Samantha for the foam history :slight_smile: