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" would like to use your".......What does this mean?

(Christine E.) #1

When I refresh this page I get a box saying “ would like to use your: notifications” Then I can click block or allow. What does this mean? Use them how? Allow or block? Do other people have this?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I’ve been seeing this as well so did some digging to find out what its on about. As far as I can tell if you allow it then when you have your web browser minimised you will get a pop up box appear (and quietly fade away I think) every time some posts on any of the forums. You can get a similar thing that pops up if you get an email to gmail accounts.
Hope thats helpful

(Elaine) #3

Thanks for that Sasha - I got this message this morning, hadn’t seen it before.

(Christine E.) #4

Thanks for that, Sacha. I’ve blocked it. I don’t like too much information!

(Sam Saffron) #5

close, but not quite :blush:

it pops up a notification only if somebody responds to you or a topic you are watching.