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" would like to use your".......What does this mean?

When I refresh this page I get a box saying “ would like to use your: notifications” Then I can click block or allow. What does this mean? Use them how? Allow or block? Do other people have this?

I’ve been seeing this as well so did some digging to find out what its on about. As far as I can tell if you allow it then when you have your web browser minimised you will get a pop up box appear (and quietly fade away I think) every time some posts on any of the forums. You can get a similar thing that pops up if you get an email to gmail accounts.
Hope thats helpful


Thanks for that Sasha - I got this message this morning, hadn’t seen it before.

Thanks for that, Sacha. I’ve blocked it. I don’t like too much information!

close, but not quite :blush:

it pops up a notification only if somebody responds to you or a topic you are watching.