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Testimonial question

Hi there people, I just wanted to ask a quick question, I’m planning on launching my very own website pretty soon and would like to get a few testimonials from customers that have purchased items from me on here and other sites I sell on.

I’m just not sure how to ask, how would you go about doing something like this?

Any suggestions?


If you know the customers personally (friends, family) ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving a quick review of their purchase. If you’re on Facebook, stick a ‘would you mind giving a review’ post on. And if you’ve got public feedback given on here or other sites, I’d use those on your website too. That should get you started :smile:


I wouldn’t contact past customers via email as that is seen as spamming them. You don’t want to annoy your past customers. One of the quickest ways to chase customers away is to send them unsolicated mail either via email, phone or snail mail.

But to put up a notice in your social media accounts as JoSara suggests would be fine.