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How do customers leave you a review?

Hi there! I had my first sale a week ago, but I’m unsure how i should go about getting the customer to review my product. If i were to send them a message, where would instruct them to go? or is there some preset review request that i can send to them? I’d be really grateful if someone could give me some advice!

Hi Lucy,
I’d personally just leave it for now, the customer may leave feedback throughout next week. If by that time passes and you haven’t heard anything, perhaps you could send them a message and politely ask if they’d be kind enough to leave feedback for you.

Congratulations of your 1st sale. Wishing you many more. :smile: x

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I’m still waiting on that day … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally would not contact a customer to ask them if they would leave a review. I do think that many customers would see it as an unsolicited email and akin to spamming and it may put customers off from buying from the site again.


Thanks for your answers! That’s all very helpful! :smile:

I wouldn’t contact the seller after the order is completed, except for special circumstances, or ask for feedback. It’s natural to do so in the beginning of selling,.

But nowadays, every time I contact a company I’m asked for feedback. It’s starting to lose its significance and it is annoying. Especially when once someone asked me to leave her positive feedback.

Customers know about feedback and they will post it or email you about it if they wish. It’s best not to push as they will be reluctant to leave feedback for other purchases in the future. If they are not happy, you will hear from them!


Speaking of feedback…I can’t leave feedback for one of my buyers…has this changed?
Or am I missing it compeletely??

Is your buyer a guest buyer ie not signed up for an account if so then you will not be able to leave feedback.

If you click on the order and scroll down and if they are a registered user rather than a guest there will be Feedback potion on the order in your dashboard.

I am very confused now…it doesn’t look like they have an account with Folksy, but they initiated contact with me through Folksy. They have to have an account to contact me. Then they purchased the listing.

I don’t think they do have to have an account to use the contact designer button I think guests and account holder both can use that button.

It says here you have to register with Folksy first…

folsky says also …
"Alternatively if you have placed an order with the seller, you can email them directly. You should have received a confirmation email containing the seller’s email address when you placed your order on Folksy."

hope this helps

They contact me first for a custom order, then purchased.

hi there -
can’t they just see your e-mail in the ‘buying from me,’ section in your shop ? perhaps that’s where they go it from.

No, it came to the address I have on Folksy. The email came through Folksy. That’s why I’m so confused. Anyway…

I don’t think that section of the knowledge base has been updated. Back when folksy had a message system you needed an account and to be logged in to send any messages through folksy. Now it’s just a contact form, anyone wishing to get in touch just clicks on the contact designer button, fills in the details and their own email addy and folksy just forwards the completed form to your email address. The original sender doesn’t actually have your email address until the point when you reply to them. But no you don’t have to be registered on folksy to send messages or buy and you won’t be able to leave feedback for someone without an account, or receive from them either.

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Leanne @seethewoods is correct :slight_smile: