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The new stats page is here!

Hurray! The brand new stats page is ready to go! We will be rolling it out from lunchtime today, releasing it to more sellers every hour or so until every shop has it - this might take a few days. You can check to see if it has been enabled for your shop by clicking on your seller dashboard - it will appear at the top.

We’ve also written a blog post to tell you more about the information included on your new stats page and how you can use it. Here’s the link

Please do tell us what you think of the new page - your feedback will be really useful!

If you have any problems with the new page, do email support or let us know here. We’ve tested it on multiple browsers and devices but we are aware of an issue on ios devices that haven’t been updated in the last 14 months (that’s mainly the iPhone 6 and iPad minis). So if that happens to you, please update your software and it should be good to go!


I just saw that…first impression…it looks great! I love the photos of my work with the info underneath.

I will have a more detailed look but I do have one question now: how do you count the impressions?
You say: Impressions are the number of times your item has been seen across Folksy, including searches.
How do you know if the item has been seen, but not clicked on?

Thank you Camilla!

Just seen my new stats. Lots of impressions but not many views… Not sure how I can do more than I am doing to gain views and sales but the new stats page is helpful.

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One more question…do you count our own views?

Just had a very quick look at the new stats page. Love the look of it so far. Will have a detailed look at it later.
Thank you!

Thanks @folksycontent It looks good…
1 question…my ‘Total items sold ever’ says 146, however, on my shop page the number of items sold is 157. If I sell 2 of the same item or someone buys 2 of the same item does that only count as 1 in the stats? Is that why they are different?


If someone clicks on your item it will count as a ‘view’. So for example, an item could have 10 impressions (meaning it’s been seen in search results etc 10 times) but 4 views. Those four views could be people who have clicked through from the search results etc or come to the item directly from Google or social media etc.

In terms of your own views, yes I think it counts those. I will check though.

That’s a good question and I’m not actually sure. One for @dougfolksy, I think.


Well, I hope our views do not count as the figures won’t be accurate…I already see quite a big difference between Folksy stats and Google Analytics…

The link to the blog from the dashboard seems to be broken - keep getting 404 @folksycontent

edit: but the link from this thread seems to work :slight_smile:

Which link is it Roz?

The link at the top of my dashboard in the blue box that says “read this blog post”

Aha! I see the one. Thanks for spotting that. I’ll get Doug to update it.

That looks excellent! It will take a bit of time to digest, but seems very interesting.


L O V E I T ! :smile: thank you

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I’d still like to see what search terms were used when people found my items. If I look at ‘most impressions’ for the last month it is dominated by items in gift guides (so people browsing for inspiration but not necessarily the sort of thing I sell). If I look at ‘most views’ I get a different selection of items (for the most part not in gift guides) which (I’m assuming) is along the lines of what people are actually looking for and I should therefore be targetting but I don’t know how they ended up on that page.
Also what does MISC cover in the traffic sources? I seem to get a lot of misc.


According to the blog post, MISC means they are not sure where the visitor came from. I have a lot of those too. I seem to have loads more ‘impressions’ than I do views too…

Thank you, a great tool x

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Thank you it looks good

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Mine doesn’t work on either my laptop or my tablet!! My tablet just gets a box with Folksy flashing in the middle. My laptop says my browser isn’t supported… er Windows 8.1 Internet explorer 11 surely not that ancient!!!

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