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The problem with handmade gifts

(Helen Dale) #1

…is that they arrive so beautifully wrapped! I’m then faced with the dilemma - do I open it and take a sneaky peek and risk crinkling the lovely tissue paper or net being able to perfect the pretty bow, or do I leave it along and never really know what the item was like? Dilemma, dilemma. My curiosity usually gets the better of me, I have to admit.

(Samantha Stanley) #2

I try to make my ribbon ties so they easily slide off for this very reason :wink:

I think it is important customers can inspect what they have bought before giving it to a friend as a gift!

Sam x

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I’m not a bow sort of person so my items just come in tissue paper/ gift boxes/ organza bags which makes for easy peaking. This has recently had the added bonus as a client peaked at their purchase before giving it to the end recipient and then came back to me to get a second set made with a different gemstone as a gift for someone else. I should either be working on it or some food right now…

(Jan Ryan) #4

I wrap loosely in tissue and if I do use a ribbon I place it so it can be slid off and back on again :slight_smile: I have been known to wrap the item in bubble wrap and pop a bit of tissue and ribbon in separately so the buyer can wrap it themselves.

(Jenny Baxter) #5

I don’t gift wrap as such because I imagine that the buyer would want to examine the item before giving it to someone else as a gift - I certainly would! However, all my jewellery comes in a gift box and/or organza pouch with a little card explaining what it’s made from and by whom (separate from the business card included for the buyer).