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Organza bag, pillow box or normal box?

Ive made some pendant necklaces which Im going to take to fairs in the future. I was thinking about what I could put them in rather than handing them over loosely in an oversized carrier bag.
Are organza bags still popular?
I like the idea of making my own pillow boxes but cant find a inexpensive way of making them(Id have to buy a piece of cutting/embossing apparatus).
Or would a normal handmade box be ok?

What do you do?
Any advice appreciated.

At fairs you can get away with anything I think , as you don’t have to worry about it getting squished in the post.

I use pillow boxes for fairs , as they look quite stylish - I stamp them with my logo.
I use organza bags and boxes on here as they fare better in the post. People seem quite happy with organza bags .

As a customer I like pillow boxes, regular boxes - it’d be nice to make your own. I’m not keen on organza bags

I don’t tend to buy jewellery for myself but as a gift for someone I do every now and then.
If I’m buying handmade jewellery online then to be honest unless I was spending a lot of money I’d expect it to come in an organza bag (or similar) as I know it’s easier to post and would be happy that it would hopefully keep postage down for me- though personally I don’t think they look very nice so I then always buy a box of some sort to put it in before I give it as a gift.
If I buy from a market/fair I’d like it to come in a box, though to be honest that would probably depend on the cost of the item.

If I’d spent less than £20 I wouldn’t be too fussed. If I’d spent more- I’d want a box.

Pillow boxes are not hard to make. There are templates available on the web. I used to use the thickest card my printer would take, print the template the reverse, add a logo on the front and then cut it out carefully with scissors. You need to score a couple of arcs at the top and bottom but if you find something in your house with the right curvature its not hard ( I did eventually get a very cheap embossing board with curves and lines on it to make it easier) Get a good strong double sided tape/glue for the edge.

I hand fold my boxes and they get tucked inside organza bags with a business card. Since I bought a mixed colour reem of 160gsm card people can choose their colour if they want (from the ones I have made up) or I can send out stuff at valentines in a pink or red and at christmas in green one in a red bag. For my cuffs which really are a bit big to go in a box I have some heavy weight mulberry paper to wrap them in before they go in an organza bag.
The instructions I use for the little boxes are
if you cut the squares so that one is 1 cm bigger (eg a 10cm and an 11 cm square) the lid will fit snuggly. Good for things like earrings and smaller pendants, not so good for bigger things as they get too deep to go large letter so I make a flatter tray type box out of 230gsm card.
I get my organza bags from not too expensive and I’ve never had any issues with the quality.

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Thanks for the replies.
It seems anything goes.
The necklaces are around £12 so I may give organza bags a try for the vintage fairs I sell at.
I take bought and handmade boxes to Christmas fairs to sell so at least customers will have an option.

I was on ebay looking for well priced organza bags, then realise that I can sew. So I made some little bags. They are fiddly but I didn’t pay a penny for them! Il add a pic when I can.

Edited, here is a pic