The Smorgasbord

The release of the smorgasbord work which was mentioned in recent weeknotes is now live on the homepage.

We’ll be testing the work in the coming weeks and also rolling out similar work on the sections pages. Have a look and let us know what you think of it.

James :slight_smile:



As the link to the forum has disappeared, on my system anyway, I think you may not get many responses.

I found it by trial and error so am able to say I think it is looking pretty good. Will have a better look around later but first impressions are that it is interesting which is what it needs to be. xx

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James @technogoggles the link to the forum is missing for me too. I found it by googling ‘talk folksy’.

Loving the new front page though!

Carol x

Link just reappeared yeah! Home page looks really interesting looking forward to seeing how it develops. Thumbs up everyone at folksy hq

It is under your name (Hello…etc) if you are in the Folksy main page. I don’t see it in the front page of my shop but in other pages it’s there.

thanks to Minerva I found it…had to google talk folksy at first…there’s going to be a lot of confused people

First reaction - it hurt our eyes.

I can see it in the front page of my shop now too.

can;'t see it on the front page of mine…I have to click hello teabreaks to find it…maybe they are doing a few at a time…

I looked in all the drop down menus but it definitely wasn’t there earlier. It’s well hidden though so i can see the forums being quiet for a while :smile:

Second thought - liking the way the images change around.

I love the strap line at the top with we love craft, and all the bits about number of items etc.
I like it, just maybe have a few less things on it as it’s a little bit busy at the moment.

Been very impressed with the picks and variety of styles of items on the front page over the past week. It’s very nice to be somewhere where the team take on board feedback from members :slight_smile:

Hi – you’re quite right to think that the Talk Folksy dropdown disappeared – it did for about 10 minutes. Sorry about that, it got vanished in the deploy to the homepage.

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just asking…if I have to click on “hello teabreaks” to find the talk folksy, does that mean that it is now a private forum? surely only people with shops will be able to do this?

Feel the really small photo shots in a grid of 9 images are too small and get lost.

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No, there’s a link for anonymous users, too. Although only registered Folksy users can post to the forums, of course.


I’m liking it lots - (opinion not influenced by the inclusion of one of my cards!)


@littleRamstudio the 9 photo grid is actually a link to folksy on instagram, it’s not listings as such, the bigger photos are :smiley:

doug you are only doing this to keep my OLD brain working…better than my nintendo brain trainer…lol

Bit busy and messy in my opinion, but I guess I’ll get used to it. What worries me that if recently favourited etc is shown on tere, everything is going to end up in a mass of ‘you favour me and I’ll favour you’…not my cup of tea.