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Thinking of being more varied again

(Ema Hossain) #1

I used to make cards , notebooks and do small artworks and bits but gradually veered towards a speciality, the problem
is I don’t think it is working for me. I also have supplies left and I have been thinking of using those up and doing some of the above and adding to my shop. I’ve decided not to buy any more supplies and see if I can create income from using what I have. I’m worried that my shop will look untidy but I’m more worried about not making money. Most people I think have move from varied to speciality, has anyone gone back to a mixed skills set shop?

(Roz) #2

As you can see from my shop I am similar. I have been moving on from one craft to another and make so many different things but now I have found I am addicted to felting so am concentrating on that. I still have loads of other stock left and like you am trying to use it up but I’m beginning to think a destash sale might be more sensible.
I think putting other things in your shop would be ok as long as you put them in different sections. I think sales are slow for everyone at the moment so a bit of variation always helps.

(Ema Hossain) #3

Morning Roz, :smiley: was looking at your shop the other day thinking you have a lovely collection of things.

Yes ofcourse I get that re the different sections is what people are using and I have recommended it myself, but I don’t think this functionality option is the best it can be. It can look messy, maybe that is not the right word to use but I haven’t had my coffee yet haa haa.

When the same item comes up in the different sections, on our shop pages I don’t like that.
I know it is necessary as the item sometimes has to be in more than one category.

I just wish there was a better shop page for us.

It would be great at the top of our listings to have what is called “skills sets”, only a better word, to which we can add a photo that is not of any item but a collective picture of a few items, and then under that have the sections for each “skill set”. It would basically be like having a categories of our own that is not one of the folksy categories that you have when you list.

Hope that is making sense, agree things are slow for many of us and it’s wrong for me to moan, but I have only ever sold clothes at craft stalls and not had one sale on line, so that is why I worry.
I have put in big reductions in my sale, I just need a couple of customers to buy so that they can leave feedback. I also think I am not liking that I don’t have favs on the items. I used to have a few when I made other things. :frowning:
Maybe I just need to see a few more mixed shops that looks just fine, so hopefully this thread will show me some.

(Roz) #4

I agree with the limitations of the shop front but sadly what suits one doesnt always suit others so we can only put in requests and make the best of what we have got. Have you thought of putting in a suggestion to folksy? There is a place to do it but can’t remember where right now. You could maybe make your shop banner using a collage of photos showing examples of each type of craft you do, I do something similar on my facebook page (although it desperately needs updating, I don’t do half those things anymore!)

How about having one featured item from each of your skill sets, that way you will acheive an approximation to the look you’re looking for.


Edit: BTW I sell very little online but its fun trying. Don’t rely on people to leave feedback if they do. Very few people bother.

(Roz) #5

Me again! If you go to the help and support page there is a suggested features for folksy box and an option to add a suggestion.

(Ema Hossain) #6

I like your collage banner. I think it is a good idea to make a suggestion but I need to have a think about how I should word it as it looks like people can vote for it and right now I have a fuzzy head ( one where the ideas are there but nothing is clear. …oh and I still haven’t had my coffee, so easy to get lost with time browing on Folksy, I guess I’d better go put the kettle on!)