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Time to stop? Creative crisis

I’m feeling a bit in limbo, a bit in a Catch22 situation. I know with social media you have to interact and post regularly to get any kind of exposure, the problem being I haven’t made anything new since August. I’ve hardly sold anything this year, have no time for Craft fairs/events, as the day job has taken over and by the time I get home I’m (emotionally) exhausted with nothing left to think creatively.

I thought I could just take things a bit slower, but this seems to not really work.

Has anyone taken a break and then come back? If so, how did you find it?

Does anyone else create in a different way - perhaps doing “collections” for galleries and then promoting rather than one-offs every now and then and trying that way?

Sometimes it’s good to take a break. I haven’t made anything new for a few months as I wasn’t selling, so I took up a new hobby - watercolour painting. Since I’ve been doing that I’ve had three sales in the last 10 days despite not promoting my jewellery. I stopped selling at craft fairs because people grumbled at the prices, and I wasn’t going to alter my pricing strategy and start selling too cheap.

I find that researching for new ideas via pinterest, visiting galleries and just taking time out to just breathe can help. I’m considering selling my paintings in 2018 and getting some printed greeting cards of them. So out of my break from jewellery making comes a new opportunity. Check out craft websites - I like Eline Pelinkhof and Country Living for fresh ideas.

Your hand made birds and animals are lovely. I could see the birds as a mobile, or perhaps sitting in some tree branches placed in a flower pot as an ornament (the flowerpot could also be covered in material) and ribbon attached for hanging from door handles and knobs.

With spring not too far away, they would make lovely easter gifts.

Good luck and I hope you feel more inspirational soon! x :thinking:


Hiya. I recognise those feelings! I’m doing my craftwork to change direction a bit from my illustration work and refresh myself. I find I then go back to that work with more energy and interest.
I’ve had whole chunks of my life doing other things than craftwork, doing different jobs, bringing up kids etc but I think/hope that if you’re a creative person with a spark of quirky fun and inventiveness (and I can see from your creations that you are), that will come out in everything you do, in some form or other. Maybe pause, breathe deeply, turn in a slightly different direction and launch forwards!
Best wishes.

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Odd really! When I concentrate on a different thing, like I promote my doggy stuff, I find my Jewellery will sell a little. I love doing both these things, but if I wasn’t on Instagram I don’t think I would sell anything. Sorry, but I’m struggling on here, so it’s more the other side. I’ve only sold one item since coming back, a doggy scarf! When I tweet I get no views on here, no idea why??? But I think sometimes it’s good to try something else, or something alongside what you already do, just for a change, as long as you enjoy it.

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Liz, it doesn’t really sound like you’re enjoying the process at the moment. Your work is so beautiful but I think you do need to bring traffic to your folksy shop. I would say, take a break for now, and when you’re ready and can enjoy making things again that is the time to restart. It’s such a shame that your everyday work is taking everything out of you that you don’t feel like sewing or doing social media.

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Thanks @TheReluctantGem @Llosgi @Amberlilly and @SueTrevor for replying, I feel I’m burnt out with crafting at home but particularly the marketing side. Funnily enough I was doing a display at work (I’m a TA in primary school and tend to deal with a lot of behavioural issues) and found that more enjoyable as it’s less pressure - I haven’t got to sell if after I create it! :smiley:

I’m going to see how I feel after the craziness of Christmas has passed as I may feel I can make a plan as to what to do and go from there.

Hope you all have a lovely, peaceful Christmas and prosperous New Year!


come and join us on the art chat thread too…x

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