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Too much of one colour!?!

Hi everyone.
I was having a look through my shop and. I’m starting to think I have far too much green.
Out of 15 necklaces I think 5 are green. Then I looked at my bracelets and loads are blue. I think I’m just worrying over nothing and it’s not really that bad.
Does anyone else get this sort of problem?
And do you think it puts people off?

I seem to have a lot of purple :smiley: and I like your green personally I dont think your shop looks green heavy

Your bracelet section looks OK as there are a lot of bracelets and the blue ones are spread about as well as being not all the same shade of blue, the only thing I would say about the necklaces is maybe shuffle things around in your shop as the top row does seem to have a lot of green. Personally it wouldn’t put me off (especially if I was looking for a green necklace :slight_smile: ) I sometimes go through phases of making and listing several cards of a similar colour without even realising.

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If all of the green was made from the same thing then maybe there would be an issue but your greens cover a range of shades and materials so I don’t see the problem. We all tend to work with the colours that we like and avoid the ones we don’t - there is a lack of pink in my shop as I just don’t do pink - our work is a reflection of us.

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Hi Hobbit!

I don’t think you have too much green or blue, and I have something of a “poison eye” for that kind of thing. I think the fact that you combine your greens with pinks and reds stops it from looking that way and I also agree with Sasha that the greens are all different greens and that makes it OK. Stop worrying :wink:

Love Sam x

I sometimes have this problem when I make a slab of polymer clay cane or mokume gane. I have an influx of the same colour and design. I have some bits and bobs to add over the next few days, but I’m going to list them with some other coloured items to try and space them out a little :blush:


I often work with the same colour range for a period of time and end up with a bit too much of one colour, but you can spread it around your shop and mix things up a bit. I find I’m often left with a lot of one colour too - I sell far more blue/green felt book covers than any other colours, and struggle to make enough felt to keep them stocked, but other colours take longer to sell (pink is one) so I have to make fewer of those. I try to use the whole range of colours, but seem to gravitate naturally to the same ones.

I am the same with purple…it’s my favourite colour so tend to be drawn to it when buying supplies. I have to force myself to choose other colours!
Saying that, I think your shop looks fine…not too much at all.


I have to admit sometimes my shop lacks certain colours simply because they are not me! Then I go and overcompensate and go the other way.

Thanks every one. I think I’ll give my necklaces a shuffle like you say Diane @DeesDesigns that might be why I noticed all the green.

I didn’t think of them being different shades just saw lots of one colour.
I’ll stop worrying now.

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I moved my necklaces about and it looks much better thanks for the help

how have you moved items around please, I am not sure I understand?

On the mobile not sure it’s the same on pc. You go in to dashboard
Shopkeeping once your items pop up at the end of the title it says move to the top.
I think on pc you can click on and move the item were you want it.
I think.
Hope that helps

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Thank you thats super.

No not at all I love the green Best Gabrielle.x

I just had a look and I think there’s a nice variation of colours. It didn’t jump out at me that there was too much of one particular colour at all.