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Photo Error

Is anyone else having problems with uploading photos today? I keep getting photo error. I even tried uploading a pic I knew worked as its on another listing, but that wouldn’t work either!

Yes I am having a problem too, and found that some of the photo’s in my listings are not showing on the page

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You need to drop an email to and Doug should be able to sort it out this afternoon (if it is the same as has happened previously). This issue seems to be happening more frequently at weekends as more people update their listings and over load the image server.

@SewSandra @ObsidianButterfly
I have reported this as an urgent problem to the Folksy Support team. I will let you know when I get a reply, they are usually pretty quick to respond to our shouts for help.

I’ve emailed them too so will hopefully get sorted soon

Hi, I have the same issue too. Just taken plunge to move from Etsy back to Folksy :confused: ah well, will use it as constructive time to write up product descriptions and edit them until can add photos and list them.
L x

I have just uploaded a photo, so hopefully the problem is fixed.

Hi everyone. Doug’s looking into it now but he can’t see any problems. Is it working properly for you again now?


Hi Camilla

I tried uploading a few times in the last half hour. It worked about 10 mins ago but not previously. When I couldn’t upload, I could views photos on people’s listings - they just showed a little white squares.

Thank you, I have just checked and it seems to be working Ok now

Depending on what browser I’m using I sometimes get a error message as I upload one photo the error message is in the next space. I ignore it as my photo loads and the message disappears and allows me to load the next photo. It can do that for every photo so I’m not sure why it give me the message when the photo’s load fine.

I am getting the photo error message this morning and can’t list anything? Any one else with the same problem?

Anyone else noticed this seems to happen every weekend - maybe all those busy people who are working hard during the week start listing at the weekend and overload the system - definitely needs looking at @dougfolksy. If it carries on Diane @AdienCrafts just email they are usually pretty good at getting it sorted.

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Yep and photos not showing on listed items.

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Same here problems with photo’s tried relisting but still not working properly :slight_smile:

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Messaging support now … Really frustrating!

Argh, I am sorry about that – having a look, now, and I’ll update here as soon as it’s fixed.
Thanks for letting us know!

Hi – I’ve bumped the number of image processing servers, and restarted the cache, and that seems to have fixed the issue.
It’s weird that we’ve seen a similar issue for a few Saturdays, now. Something to investigate, there.
Thanks again for letting us know about the problem in such a timely manner, and sorry if this has messed anyone’s morning up.

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Thanks @dougfolksy mine seems ok now have a lovely weekend.

Yes, Doug has worked his magic again!