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Trying again

Hi there, I thought I would say hi to everyone as I haven’t ever used the forum before. I first opened my shop in 2015 when I started my business, but didn’t get any sales and have largely left it ignored until now as I am attempting to start again. My business is pretty successful and I have lots of sales via my own website and facebook, but I would really like to improve the success of my business on Folksy too. I have just relisted a few items and have started sending my customers over to order pay via folksy, but would love some advice on how to gain some new customers and make my shop look more inviting. If anyone could give me any help or advice I would really appreciate it.

Here is my store


Hi and welcome back :slight_smile:

With Folksy, I think marketing is the key…like you say by directing your FB customers to your Folksy shop, that will get it seen. Filling your shop up with lots of lovely eye catching photos (I think your photos are good btw) will entice people to stay and look around for a while.
Join in on the Folksy Forums and take the time to add your work to some of the gift guides and showcases.

Pinterest also seems to be good for driving traffic back here.

Good Luck with it this time and I’m loving this teachers’ gift - fantastic price!


Hello Claire!
Welcome back!
I’ve fav’ed your shop, pinned and tweeted your teacher gift - they’re lovely!
Hope you do well!

Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it - I will keep plugging away at the marketing. Are the gift guides and showcases in the forum here somewhere? I have a personal pinterest account but didn’t ever set one up for my business so I think I will do that too!

Thanks Sarah, I really appreciate it as I need all the advertising I can get :slight_smile: I will see if I can find you on twitter and follow you.

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Welcome back! I saw your teachers gift box earlier on and thought it was a nice idea. Best of luck with your shop, hope you do well.