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Trying to buy is making me crazy

(Lorna Soar) #1

Must be a glitch because if this is the way the checkout is normally on Folksy then it’s a wonder any of us have sales.
I click ‘add to basket’ proceed to checkout where it asks if I want to use this address (I do) I click that and it throws up an error, partly filling in the add a new address box and asking me to complete the adding of the new address. I don’t want to add a new address, I want to use my own address.
I logged out, tried checking out as a guest but it wouldn’t let me pay by paypal, just logged me into my paypal account and left me there stranded.
So, if you are the lady selling the paper beads…sorry. I cannot seem to complete checkout so you miss the sale :frowning:

(Sian ) #2

Hi Lorna

I’m so sorry you’re having problems.

It sounds like the saved address may not have all the information required for PayPal (possibly your surname and county?). Could you please check that and let me know if that helps? If possible, if you could email a screenshot of the error to us at it’ll help us diagnose the problem and make improvements where necessary.

How to take a screenshot

(Fiona Thomson) #3

i get a variation of this @sianfolksy - my name / surname are never in the “use this address” box, although my full address is (thus far, idleness has prevented me from figuring how to save that? like a question?)

so when i’m trying to panic buy, it holds things up while i type the info to try again.
no problem getting from folksy checkout to paypal though.

(Sian ) #4

@fionaT It looks like your name is not in your saved address. You can update that here:

You’d expect the new address to be saved at checkout (or option to save/amend at checkout) though. Thanks for letting me know - I’ll look into it.

(Fiona Thomson) #5

well that was easy! haha thx sian <3

i’ll buy something now just to make sure … :wink:

(Sian ) #6

@BlackbirdGallery similarly, in your saved address, your full name needs breaking down to forename and surname, and you need to input a county. Could you please update that in your addresses:

Thanks so much for flagging this up. I’ll add it to the bug list as it sounds like the user experience needs looking at ASAP.

(Lorna Soar) #7

Success! Yes that must have been the problem. I actually don’t recall entering the address so I didn’t understand why something that was already on my account, could be written in incorrectly if that makes sense?
Anyway thanks, job done and order placed :smile:

(Helen Smith) #8

I do think something changed at some point… I remember having to enter the county last time I bought something and I’ve not had to do that before.

Not sure why county is required anyway as it’s not actually part of my postal address? Especially since mine is one of those ‘made up’ counties :wink:

(Liz Dyson) #9

I had this problem when all of a sudden my name disappeared from the address and I didn’t know how to amend it, so I had to add my name and address again. However, now that you have put the link up, I have been able to delete the un-named address so thanks for that.

(Sian ) #10

@BlackbirdGallery Glad that sorted it!

@HelenSmith @lizdyson we had to make the surname and county required fields to fix a bug with PayPal mobile checkout (where those fields are required), so we now prompt you to fill them in where needed. If it isn’t clear that’s we’re asking you to do on that page, then it needs changing!

(Rachel) #11

Is there away to reduce the number of addresses in the address book please, I have myself listed twice and I buy for my parents, I think their address is on three times?
Thank you

(Sian ) #12

Yes! Go to your Dashboard, click on ‘addresses’ under the ‘your profile’ heading on the left hand side and you can delete/edit any saved addresses or add new ones.

*edited to add:
Make sure that the addresses you keep include all required fields

(Rachel) #13

Thank you @sianfolksy that was easy :smiley:

(Diane Burton) #14

We often have a similar problem Helen, our postal address ends with York (no county at all) then our postcode but a lot of online forms won’t let me leave the county bit blank so we usually end up adding North Yorkshire just to keep them happy. I’m sure we can’t be the only place to have this problem (does London belong in a county or Manchester for example?) so don’t know why they insist on people adding a county (especially if you add a full postcode)

(Helen Smith) #15

@sianfolksy I don’t think it was confusing, just unexpected having bought so many times before without needing to input a county.

@DeesDesigns I don’t think any official postal addresses use the county? I haven’t come across any that do anyway. Round here the fact that the top half of Wirral is in Merseyside has caused great upset, many older people on this side of the peninsula (which is on the Dee estuary and not the Mersey anyway) still insist on using Cheshire. I wonder what Paypal would think of that? :wink: