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New Express Checkout Now Live!

(HilaryP) #1

The brand new checkout system is here, sorry for the slight delay! It’s worth the wait though.

Find out all about the improvements in this blog post and please tell all your customers that it’s now even easier to shop with Folksy.

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(Karen Ellam) #3

Yay. This looks brilliant. :grinning:

Well done Folksy Team

Karen x

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(Gill Wootton) #4

Thank you Folksy should speed things up and hopefully reduce the number of nonpayers.


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(Christine Shephard) #5

Looks great Hilary, @FolksyStaff…I’m looking forward to receiving a few orders now, and maybe making one…just to see how it works! :slight_smile:

(Sue Mellem) #6

That’s great and much appreciated.

Thanks Hilary @FolksyStaff

(Tina Martin) #7

Brilliant! Noticed it had changed this morning when an order came through, thank you :slight_smile:

(Helen Healey) #8

Great stuff! Thanks Folksy!

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

That’s brilliant and a great step forward Folksy.

(So Sew Megan) #10

Thank you, great idea.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #11

That’s brilliant

( Valerie Dockerty) #12

Thanks Folksy great news

(JollySmall) #13

This is great news , thanks Folksy. It now explains why I got the PayPal notification email before I got the e mail from Folksy. It definitely stopped me worrying about whether the customer would pay or not like my anxious wait last time.

(Natalie Franca) #14

Amazing news! Thanks very much to you all at Folksy HQ!

Natalie xx

(Joy Salt) #15

Thanks Folksy. All worked ok for me on the order which popped in a few minutes ago.
Single email from Folksy with :slight_smile:

Well done! ??? has ordered your work on Folksy.

This email is confirmation that the order has been successfully paid for.

PayPal should also send you a confirmation email shortly.

Plus the Paypal email of course which arrived in the same minute.

(LucyLawrenceDesigns) #16

Great news, Folksy! Looking forward to my first sale and it’ll definitely be easier now! :grinning:

(Minerva) #17

That is brilliant, indeed!

So, are we getting now 2 emails…1 from Folksy and 1 from PayPal?

(Joy Salt) #18

That’s what I got. but the Folksy one came after the payment had gone through.

Time will tell what happens to customers who have trouble paying as we won’t know about it as we won’t get the initial email …

PS Thought I’d be a customer with a paypal problem so signed out and then put one of my own angels into my basket then went to pay. There was a message about problems with Paypal payments to I clicked it and it took me to this page which was really interesting and hopefully covers things.

Being of a curious nature I did it again and filled in the form.
Hit enter and oops got this message, twice.

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

Don’t think it’s the info on my form as it did complain when I forgot to tick the robot so no idea - maybe @folksycontent someone can check this out. I’ve just reported it to Support.

PPS Amusingly my angel just appeared on the front page as being bought now !

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(Joy Salt) #19

Ah ha someone has fixed something. When I did it first time I only needed to tick the robot to prove I was a person. This time I also had to choose river photos.
My form was sent. My order was placed (will have to cancel it in a minute).

> fyi I got these 2 emails - one from me as buyer, the other as a seller. Thought it would be of interest for everyone to know what the emails contain :

**1, Buyer :slight_smile: - this is what your customer will receive :

**> [folksy] Information about your Folksy order

**> Hello, joy salt,
**> **Thank you for placing an order through Folksy. The seller(s) have been informed that you’re having problems paying, and should be in touch with you soon. **
**> Your order is not complete until it has been paid for.
**> The reason you’ve given for requiring help with payment is:
**> Testing to see what I get as a buyer and as a seller

**> Your orders
**> Order #1
**> **Item Price Quantity Note To Seller **
**> **Angel Bell Suncatcher Stained Glass Shiny White £8.00 1 **

**> **Item(s) ordered from: Joy (Joysofglass) Salt ( **

**> 1 address

**> Delivery
**> **Your items will be posted within 1 day of your completing payment by arrangement with the seller(s) (custom and bespoke items often take longer to produce). **

**> Your delivery address
**> joy salt

**> What happens now?
**> **The seller should be in touch shortly to arrange payment. **

**> **Once paid, your items will be posted within 3 days unless otherwise stated by the seller (custom and bespoke items often take longer to produce). **

**> **If you need any further help, please raise a ticket with the Folksy Support Team or email us at **
**> **Need to cancel an order? **
**> You’ve just supported UK craft. You deserve to have a brilliant day.

**2. Seller
**This is what I received as a seller :slight_smile:

**> **[folksy] Your buyer is having problems paying **

**> Hello Joy (Joysofglass) Salt,

**> **joy salt ( has ordered your work on Folksy but is struggling to pay. **

**> **Please get in touch with them at to help sort out their problem. **

**> The issue they’ve reported is:
**> Testing to see what I get as a buyer and as a seller

**> Their order is:
**> **Item ID Item Title Quantity Note From Buyer **
**> **#6730094 Angel Bell Suncatcher Stained Glass Shiny White 1 **

**> Their address is:
**> **joy salt 1 staffs- **
**> **You can view this and all your orders on your orders page. **

**> **Please note that shipping fees have not been added to this order, as we are unable to calculate them if the buyer does not go directly through Paypal. Please remember to add any shipping fees applicable. **

**> Once your buyer has paid, mark this order as paid on your orders page.

**If you can not arrange an alternative payment method, you can cancel the order. But please let your buyer know and explain the reason why their order has been cancelled.

PS Sorry I can’t format it any better than that. :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #20

Thanks for performing that test Joy - its good to know what we will get if someone is having problems.