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Aren't people helpful / do you ever check your Paypal default address?

Just had a phone call from a pharmacy in Colchester, who have receive a package of glass (they had to open it to see what it was and liked it very much :slight_smile: ) I sent to a customer a few days ago.
I posted to the address given, post code etc - these are correct but for the pharmacy - who do not recognize the recipient’s name !!. Even checked Folksy order / Paypal addresses are the same …yes they are.

I always copy / paste addresses, convert to caps if not, and check via maps if at all suspect. I remember checking this one as the house number was on the end of the street name instead of at the front so I moved it.

Fortunately there is a phone number on the Paypal and I’ve just phoned it, got the son.
Seems the address I phoned is 5 miles away from the pharmacy. Haven’t asked for exact address will wait until later when I’ve spoken to the customer. Hope it isn’t a surprise from her husband ! Also hope they won’t mind popping down the road to the pharmacy to collect it :slight_smile:


I think I have the answer as to how this could have happened.

Spoke to my customer who will go to the pharmacy to collect her parcel.

She was rather astonished that the order and Paypal were showing this completely wrong address… then she remembered that not long ago she had picked something up from that pharmacy.

I suggested she might like to check if she had accidentally set that as her default address in Paypal…oops she said, I’ve just paid Paypal for something else, better check that one.

I know that I once sent something to my sister via Ebay and that my next Ebay purchase (glass nuggets… she Was surpised) also went to her, as I had accidentally defaulted Ebay to her address. I don’t know if there is the same sort of facility on Paypal but it’s the only explanation I can come up with as to how when she bought on Folksy / paid via Paypal it picked up an address other than her own but one she had previously used.

@folksycontent what do you think ?

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Interesting! Thankfully you were able to resolve it, so glad to hear that for you.

Not folksy sales, but TWICE PayPal has given me a customers old address that they didn’t know was still on their account. The first time, I thought that it must have been a blip or (naughty me for this I know…) customer error - but didn’t think it would happen again. When it happened a second time for a different customer about a year later, the customer emailed me when they got their tracking info through from PayPal to say the postcode looked like their old address. Lo and behold, when I checked the details they confirmed that it was where they used live. I couldn’t believe that it happened a second time.

Now I’ve put it in my terms and conditions that customers need to check that their PayPal details are up to date, but as this was the case with at least one of the two cases I had, I also always confirm the address by email also. It’s a bit of a hassle but I’m not losing any more if my precious work and disappointing customers due to PayPal glitches.