Folksy Ltd

Tumblr button?

(Rachel) #1

Hi I have a pinterest, a twitter and a facebook button on each item in my shop, is there a way I can get a button to link straight to tumblr please? Thank you Rachel

( Carol ) #2

I would love a tumblr button too. I use the one on the other side which posts a nice big photo and links back to my listing. Would be great if Folksy done the same.

(Helen Clifford) #3

I’ve just tried to add my facebook page as one of those links in Shop Appearance, and I can’t edit that field. It’s there but greyed out. Is this only available to Plus account holders?

(Rachel) #4

Hi Helen I am not sure, could we ask @sianfolksy or maybe someone who knows will be along soon. I am not very good with technology sorry.