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Twitter hashtag #folksythemeoftheday

I notice on twitter that the hashtag #folksythemeoftheday has been used a few times by @folksy, the last time being October 2019 (assuming my search results are correct!)

It seems to me that it would be advantageous to use this more, coupled with the hashtag of the actual theme, e.g., for today you would use, #folksythemeoftheday #loveheart. The former hashtag could, over time, raise the folksy profile on Twitter but crucially, coupled with the latter, would reach beyond the Folksy bubble.

Any thoughts?


Great idea. I’m not on Twitter but I might start using this on Instagram.

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Good idea to use on Instagram too. I’m gonna start today with ‘love bird’. :smiley:

I’m only on FB and haven’t a clue about hashtags and suchlike but if anyone can suggest what to include in my posts to help get our lovely website seen, I’ll gladly do it! I will watch closely and try to join in xxx

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I’m not on twitter either but will try to remembermto use it occasionally on Instagram, thank you @onesweetiepea :slight_smile:

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Will definitely use that with my Instagram images, thank you for the heads up, Suzzie x

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