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Two questions - Google Analytics and a listing query

(Nykie) #1

I’ve enabled Google Analytics and I’m struggling to see how I view where my traffic is coming from. I know that most of my traffic will be coming from Facebook but I can’t see how to filter to that.

My second question is about listing. I know that you’re not supposed to copy and paste a listing to another site due to Google marking you down, but how about within a site? I’ve got listings up for papercut designs in my shop and I want to create another listing of exactly the same item but unframed.

On ‘another’ site, you have different options within the same listing but Folksy doesn’t seem to have that option, sadly. Can I just copy and paste a Folksy listing to another Folksy listing or will that affect me through Google searches?

(Dawn Sneesby) #2

I think I can answer your question about Google Analytics. On the left hand side bar you need to click on Acquisition and then All Traffic or Source/Medium this gives you all your social traffic including Facebook, Pinterest, Email etc. Hope this helps!!!


And I can answer your question about copying listings :slight_smile:
If you go to your listings page on your dashboard , find listing you want to copy and on the right you’ll have 2 options, edit and copy just click copy and it’ll copy the whole listing and you can make the changes you want. It’ll make a whole new listing so it’s not the same as copy and past. I hope that helps.

(Nykie) #4

Brilliant - exactly what I wanted to know - I don’t know why they have to hide it so well!

Thanks Dawn :o)

(Nykie) #5

Fabulous - just what I wanted to hear. Makes it a lot easier - thanks Donna :o)

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Do not copy completely make some changes otherwise yes google will see it as spam and it will not be found easily via google search.

Change the first photo, change around the wording in the title or take or add extra wording.

Also rearrange the description so it’s not a complete copy and paste.

(Nykie) #7

Damn. I’ve just copied three listings. I’ve added a word into each of the titles and changed one of the photographs, plus changed the order. I’ve also changed a line about it being framed to it being unframed. Do you think this will be enough?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Sounds like you are on the right lines but I’d do a bit more editing of the descriptions. Try re arranging your sentence structure a wee bit and maybe exchange a word for another word that means the same thing. I suggest a thesaurus as they are a very handy way of finding alternative words to say the same thing.

I often start with a copy of one of my listing then play around with it so its basically saying the same thing but in altered and slightly different way.

Hope that helps

(Nykie) #9

It does. Thanks Eileen. They’re only drafts at the moment so I’ll have a tinker.

(Roz) #10

I find it quicker and easier just to copy the listings in order to get postage info, categories etc filled in and then just delete the title and description, maybe leaving some key info e.g.: size and re write from scratch. I find in the end it is easier and quicker that way than trying to rearrange an existing description.

(Nykie) #11

Yes, I can see that. I think that’s what I’ll do in future. Thanks :o)

(Nykie) #12

I seem to have got the hang (mostly) of GA. I noticed this morning that one of my views came from ‘Folksy Weekly Gift and Shopping Guide / email’.

Does this mean that someone has clicked through a Folksy email and browsed, then found my shop?