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Unable to email customer back


I have just had a email from a customer asking me to design a card for her, l have emailed back with the details but the emailkeeps coming back saying address not found.
Not sure what to do just ignore it and look very rude, or keep trying?
Anyone else had this issue?

I know this will sound patronising but it really isn’t meant that way I promise , but I had the same problem with someone trying to email me and it was simply a matter of one letter being Capital instead of lower case so I would try double checking you have the right address.
I am a complete technoidiot so I am only offering this as a first try fix. :slight_smile:

No its not me,my son is an It consultant and he has tried so it strange, unless they have a problem there end with there internet, thanks for the reply

no problem , just trying to do what i can :slight_smile: good luck.

Hi, forgive if you’ve checked all these things already but wanted to mention it just in case…

Capital letters dont usually make any difference

Check there’s no spaces in the address

Check the email ending, some accounts end in .com and some and I’ve had friends thinking it’s one when it’s actually the other :grinning:

Check there’s no commas instead of full stops

Check your spam/junk folder, some systems have very strong filters on them.

Sorry again if you know all this but over the years I’ve encountered many issues with emails at work and home so it could be any of the above
Good luck x

If the email came through via folksy then you should be able to just hit ‘reply’ and the reply message will go to them direct (mine did to a customer who contacted me this afternoon) assuming they haven’t miss typed their email address. The email address should be displayed in the text so it might be worth checking that it hasn’t got a typo in it (.co,uk or .con are common ones).
Trying again in the morning when any internet service issues (if there are any) are resolved is also an option - I don’t think anyone making an enquiry would mind if it takes 24h to answer, just apologise for the delay in getting back to them.

Thanks you never can tell with emails have done one thing wrong in the past so your right.

thanks for your reply much appreciated

Thanks thats what l have done in the past so thinking maybe there internet

Very recently my friend wasn’t receiving any emails which she found odd, a friend text her to say that her email to her was bouncing back, she had to completely deleat over 2500 emails before it was up and running again, so wait a day or two and try again perhaps?
I may just add my friend had no idea she wasn’t receiving them except nshe did think it odd she hadn’t had any!

Thanks sue will try again tonight or tomorrow

Hi, did you get it sorted?

Hi never got it sorted email still saying it does not exist, found the lady had a shop, nothing for sale in it so tried to contact that way no joy, so cannot do any more, must say it’s like a business email but it does not exist when you google it,

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