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Unable to Reply to Customer E-Mail - My Message is Returned by Server

This morning I received an e-mail with a custom request from a customer.

I sent a detailed response, but it has been returned by the server.

The reason appears to be that the message came from Folksy’s e-mail address, "".

I need to be able to contact my customer - so do all other sellers!


I’ve never had a problem responding to these enquiries even though they come via If you look in the body of the message you recieved from folksy it should state the email address that the customer entered (bottom of the first paragraph) - have a look and see if there are any obvious typos eg .co,uk or .con. Then try composing a fresh email typing in the (probably) corrected email. Alternatively what does the server failure email state as the reason?


You won’t have to re write your reply either just copy and paste into a new email using the customers email address in the email from Folksy.


I was about to say the same thing Eileen. I’ve had trouble replying to emails from folksy customers in the past but copying and pasting their email address directly from the email and sending a whole new email does the trick :smile:

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Thanks for this. The server error is that the e-mail address I am sending to does not exist - assumed that meant the Folksy e-mail. Maybe it doesn’t!

Okay, I tried resending the e-mail to the address given by Folksy. It looked okay though, so I wonder if there was some other issue with it. Will have to wait and see.
Thanks all, for your help. Hopefully this will work - I’ll come back later and let you know!!

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Folksy support have come back and asked me for the customer’s e-mail address. They’re going to check if she has an account etc.(I think she does, as there was a user name on the e-mail, but I could well be wrong).
So far, no customer response to the direct e-mail, but it didn’t get returned like the first one, so maybe she has got it and is just at work.
Which is where I ought to be now…