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Hello! It's me...... But where's me Instagram button?

(Annie) #1

Hello old and new lovelies (old as in those been here a while as its been a few years!).

I’ve still be making and selling my jewellery, I just had a break from folksy :slight_smile: hope everyone’s feeling the love (of lots of sales!). Just wondered if anyone knows about the Instagram button for your page? There’s a space to fill in your Instagram url but it doesn’t come up on my page :confused: FB does! any suggestions/solutions? Running off to get food before the shops shut (call me Hubbard) but back later for a better catch up!

Annie x

(Helen McCartney Designs) #2

Here you go Annie :grinning:

(Annie) #3

Helen your a darling, thank you! Did do a forum search yesterday but came up with nothing. Still navigating the new forum mind - not easy for a techno-idiot!

(Helen McCartney Designs) #4

he he. You are most welcome, lovely. I love your wrap bracelet in your shop.:grinning: It’s gorgeous.

(Claire Mead) #5

Thanks for the info, it was something I have been wondering as well.

(Annie) #6

Thank you @HelenMcCartney - I firmly believe you can’t have enough love, or am I the only hippy? :wink:

Part of my tech problem is puters down and only got the iPad. Well, that’s my excuse! x