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Adding an Instagram button

Please can anyone tell me how to add my Instagram button next to my FB one, below the "about " section in my shop ?!*$
Thank you in advance for my plain ignorance.

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Go to your dashboard, look down the left hand side and you will see ‘shop appearance’, click on this then scroll pretty much to the bottom of the page where you will see a box for you to copy and paste your Ig profile web address into. Might need to experiment with deleting the https bit or not. Remember to click the green ‘update appearance’ button at th very bottom when you have made the changes.


Thank you @SashaGarrett. So easy when you know how! How long did it take you to know so much about Folksy!

Errrr, maybe I shouldn’t admit this this whilst you are holding me in such high esteem - I did have to go and check whether it was under shop settings or shop appearance.