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Uploading photos is so slow!

(Debbi) #1

Does anyone else find it very slow and frustrating uploading pictures one at a time… :frowning: …i wish it were like etsy and load 5 at once… :slight_smile:

(Fiona Thomson) #2

i don’t have particularly fast broadband where i live, but even so, resizing them first and then uploading only takes seconds
(i switched to chrome because i had to do one at a time when using IE, but chrome is pretty much all 5 simultaneously)

(Debbi) #3

I switched to chrome a few days ago but i still cant upload more than one at a time… :frowning: am i doing something wrong maybe :frowning:

(Fiona Thomson) #4

i still have to select one at a time, but
(oh, and i save them after resizing, as name_01, name_02, etc so its super easy to locate them) by the time i’ve hit ‘upload’ on _1 i’m onto no 2 as the first one’s loading.

if that makes sense?? :confused:

(Karen Ellam) #5


I too used to find uploading pictures one at a time a real long winded, slow process, but a few months back we upgraded our broadband connection due to my Husband working from home a few days a week. He was getting fed up of the sluggish connection too so we went for it. I have to say its absolutely brilliant now. Web pages appear in a blink of an eye, and uploading pictures is so much quicker. They appear straight away. It saves me about 5 minutes each listing :grinning:

Karen :cherry_blossom: