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Variations are here! Whoop Whoop!

(Tina Martin) #42

Morning Folksy, I’ve had an order from the USA this morning ordering 4 bookmarks which I have changed to variations but the names of the designs that the customer wanted hasn’t appeared on the order. I’ve just sent her an email to ask her to let me know which one’s she would like. I wonder what went wrong? Hope I’ve set it up correctly.

(Camilla) #43

The options they chose should appear on the order in your dashboard as well as on the receipt, Tina. Would you be able to email support with the order number and any other information you think might help, so they can look into it?

(Tina Martin) #44

Ok Camilla, will do. :slight_smile:

(Tina Martin) #46

Hi Camilla, just sent a screen print of the order as I don’t have an order number. Hope that’s of some help.

(Chai Yeo) #49

Hi Joy, I’m facing the same issue you described. It would be nice to be able to specify how many items I have for each variation. I make hats, so say I made one in size small and one in large, I’d like my customers to know it won’t work if they wanted 2 large hats. :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #50

Hi it isn’t a problem for me. I am just carrying on as before. I don’t need the variations, can only use the option if it has stock control coded in but it hasn’t so I’ve lived without quite happily for ages so will carry on regardless :slight_smile:

(Chai Yeo) #51

Agreed. Keep pressing on, as they say! :hugs: