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Is there any way to list variations yet? I want to sell lots of apple tags but they have lots of different styles. Would I have to list them all individually? I sell them as 3 for £4.50 so not sure how to give people the choice and still charge the correct amount?
Any help would be appreciated

There is no way of doing variations yet. For your 3 for £4.50 could you create a listing a long the lines of ‘apple tag 3 pack - choose your designs. You can choose any 3 designs from…(insert list of designs here) … just specify which 3 designs or if you want 3 the same in the message to seller box at check out.’ and then price the listing at £4.50.

Sadly I thought that was what i would need to do. I really need a way to list everything separately. Ho hum. Thanks for the reply.

If you list all the designs separately you could then put something like ‘buy 3 or more of any mix of designs and recieve a discount via paypal refund’ in each listing. You do then have to remember to do the paypal refunds.

that sounds a bit hard work lol. I will probably get about 40 sales, so too time consuming to do that. thanks for all your help though.