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Views from improved search

(Minerva) #1

Since the search on Folksy improved, I use this method more to search for items here. And of course to see if mine come up.

Have you noticed an increase of views in your shops since the search improved? Has any customer confirmed they bought something after searching? I am looking at GA and I can’t really tell.

Maybe Folksy admin could also tell us if they have seen a change in views and sales coming from the search? It would be interesting to know…

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Ive had 2 Folksy sales in just over a year, in comparison to a couple of dozen a year previously.
I cant say that searching system has improved for me.
I hate to be negative but its true for alot of us.

Maybe Im not adding the right info. Are there any other key words apart from the obvious in relation to the items I make?

(Amberlilly) #3

Oh the dreaded key words! I just title my items how someone would search, my views are still not great, but, I don’t think its anyones fault, just the way it is.

(Qteacup) #4

Has the search improved? I hadn’t noticed, and seem to be getting fewer views than ever, and sales are right down for me.

(Minerva) #5

Folksy did some work to improve the search, I believe at the end of last year. I just did a search to see if my items come up and although they do, lots of other unrelated items come up as well. The searches I did only brought up 2 pages. So, I’m wondering whether others have seen any improvement in views and sales…

(Sonia Adam) #6

It would be really useful to know what keywords were searched for when someone views an item in my shop. Sometimes it feels like stabbing in the dark when writing titles & descriptions.

(Silvapagan) #7

My views here have been dropping too recently, despite the same amount of promotion, tinkering with photos and other little things. I’ve noticed the number of browsers is also less when I log in, which is a bit of a concern. The other day there were less than 200.

(Minerva) #8

Anyone else has noticed any improvement in views from the improved search? I’ve tried again looking for a few different things and I seem to get only 2 pages of results.

Can Admin comment if they have noticed an increase in traffic from Search?