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Walking sticks

Where do I list walking sticks? I do knitted accessories, my husband hand-carved walking sticks, hence ‘woolnwood’ but I can’t find a suitable category to list his stuff. Help!!

Ooo that’s a hard one, the only thing I could think of doing was ‘Clothing & Accessories’ ‘Accessories’ then ‘Everything else’ it’s not ideal but I think it’s probably more important to have good tags. You can use up to 15 tags.
You can also do collections/categories in your shop that you can select your own wording. Hope this helps x

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Yep tags and titles

Just looked at your tags and they need some work as do your titles use words and 2 and 3 word phrases in your tags that people would use when looking for an item or type of item.

Most people search via words rather than categories.

Thanks Jan
I’ll give it a try
Best wishes Margaret

Thanks I’m open to any suggestions that might help

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